How does the Health District touch you?

By Carmen Scott, Bellefontaine - Co-Chair - Friends of the Logan County Health District Levy Committee

The Logan County Health District works in cooperation with the Ohio Department of Health, the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency, the Centers for Disease Control and other government agencies to ensure the health and safety of the county. Its mission is to promote good health, prevent disease and to maintain a healthy environment.

On November 3, the Health District will be asking voters to vote FOR a 0.8 mil, 5-year levy to help support the work of the district. This amounts to about $28 per $100,000 of valuation.

Ohio law mandates local health districts to perform certain functions. Many of these mandates are unfunded.

Some of the major programs and work of the District’s Administrative and Nursing divisions include, among others, maintenance of birth, death and burial permits. Public and home health nursing visits and services, child and adult immunization clinics, visiting nurse for Welcome Home baby visits, infectious disease investigations and nursing support for school districts.

The Environmental division, to name a few, provides food service and retail food establishment licensing and inspections to assure safe food consumption by the public. Inspection of public swimming pools, recreational vehicle park and camp and solid waste landfill licensing and inspections. Private home sewage and well permits and inspections. Nuisance investigations and enforcement services, animal bites, education and emergency preparedness and the list of services goes on. To lose these services and staff to perform them would be a critical detriment to the health of the county.

National public health bodies are assessing how efficiently health districts deliver services to their communities through an accreditation process of maintaining high standards of health care. The Logan County Health District is currently in the process of achieving this accreditation. They plan to complete it in late 2016 or early 2017. This is only possible if the levy passes in November. In the near future all state and federal health related grants will be tied to achieving accreditation making the accreditation even more valuable to the county.

A major portion of the Health District budget presently comes from inside millage, which replaced a 10-year, 1 mil property tax levy that had been renewed by taxpayers for three decades and then failed in 2008. Since then, local funds for operation of the district have come from inside millage of the governmental townships and municipalities in the county. These are very significant amounts for some of them. With passage of this levy, those amounts will be saved and available for use by the respective townships and municipalities for other needed projects in their jurisdiction.

Good health should be everyone’s concern. A healthy community equals a strong community. Therefore, I ask that you please join me in voting “For the tax levy”.

By Carmen Scott, Bellefontaine


Friends of the Logan County Health District Levy Committee