Capitalism or socialism

History has proven that socialism does not provide prosperity for the majority of its servants, while capitalism has provided more prosperity for its practitioners then any other economic plan invented by mankind.

If we want to retain our freedom & prosperity we must understand that Free Market Capitalism is the principle reason that the poorest Americans are richer then most of the worlds population. Free market capitalism is the most successful economic tool in the history of the world.

On Aug, 9th Loren Spivack, widely known as the (Free Market Warrior) will be speaking at the Ohio Hi Point Career Center Auditorium at 7:00 PM.

Loren is one of the best in the country at explaining capitalism versus socialism. He is very entertaining and makes learning a fun experience. He has been on a number of TV news shows including, FOX, CNN & NBC. He has also spoken at numerous public events all over America.

Bring your children and young adults to this meeting so they can learn the advantages of capitalism. Our future prosperity depends on our next generation learning the truth about Capitalism and Socialism.

Jim Burkholder

Chairman Top of Ohio Patriots