Support the Veterinary Spay-Neuter Bill

Ohio has an amazing opportunity to reduce the suffering of thousands of unwanted animals at NO COST to taxpayers. SB232 Veterinary Spay-Neuter Bill allows Ohio veterinarians the option to perform four hours of FREE spays and neutering in exchange for two, continuing education units required for their license renewal.

Ohio shelters are overwhelmed with unwanted animals and many rural shelters are closing due to lack of funding. Taxpayers are burdened with funding animal control, facilities, salaries and euthanization costs associated with unwanted animals. With over 6.5 million unwanted animals in shelters in this country we are never going to ‘shelter’ our way out of this problem. Our focus must be on spay and neuter programs. SB232 would provide much needed spay/neutering to rescue groups who struggle financially and it would also provide the service to low-income families who do not have the funds to take their pets to the vet for this procedure. .

Killing healthy animals is an inhumane and barbaric approach to controlling pet population. Instead of euthanizing unwanted animals to control overpopulation why not support a FREE, humane alternative to prevent unwanted litters to begin with.

Please encourage the Ohio Senate Agricultural Committee to support SB232 Veterinary Spay-Neuter Bill.

Contacts for this important legislation:

Sen. Bob Hackett, Chair: 614 466-3780

Sen. Frank Hoagland, Vice Chair: 614 466-6508

Sen. Sean O’Brien, Ranking Minority Member: 614 466-7182

Respectfully submitted

Rebecca Babjak