Burn, bury or recycle?

What should you do with your yard, construction, or other solid waste? There are several ways to deal with rubbish, besides burning, which may produce a direct economic benefit to you.

Most open burning is illegal in Ohio for anything other than seasoned wood in small piles. Bury only waste vegetation: grass clippings, tree trimmings, leaves and kitchen scraps. Anything that will break down in the soil can be composted with little odor. Your composting will later provide free topsoil which can be used in your garden and flower beds.

Non-organic waste requires more creativity but can be used profitably in a way that doesn’t involve dumpsters or illegal burning. Keep white paint for general use, and put other colors in one drum to keep “stock gray” on hand. Drywall can be collected by US Gypsum and recycled (call 717 335 0379 or visit www.usagypsum.com). Wood scraps can be reused by hobbyists or sold to furniture shops. If it is kiln dried, untreated lumber, it can be used safely in a camp fire or wood stove.

Almost every other common waste item can be recycled in Logan County. Visit LoganCountyRecycles.com for locations and information.

Jerry Carter

West Liberty