Local Naval hero to talk about military preparedness

(Thank You for Your Service) I am not sure who coined this phrase but I enjoy using it when I meet either an active duty or retired member of our Armed Forces. These men and women have placed themselves in harms way in order to protect our freedoms and they deserve our thanks and respect. On September 8th at 7:00 PM Captain Vic Dodds a Logan County Naval hero will speak at a Public Meeting to be held in the Main Auditorium at the Ohio Hi-Point Career Center located at 2280 SR 540 Bellefontaine Ohio. Captain Dodds a highly decorated Naval Air Officer will share stories from his past and his thoughts about the State of our present Military Preparedness in a very dangerous world. Captain Dodds has served as an Aircraft Carrier Fighter Pilot, a Squadron Commander, Air Intercept Officer, Chief of Staff, and Operations Officer. He has literally served us all around the Globe while somehow finding time to earn Master Degrees from Pepperdine University and from the Naval War College. We invite the public and especially our veterans to come out to meet and honor Captain Dodds.

Jim Burkholder