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The Village of Quincy Council meeting opened Nov. 17 with discussion of the proposed rate increase for Dayton Power & Light and groups that are looking at this increase and the need for such action.

A donation was received for the Riverside Scholarship Fund for the use of the Joint Sewer Plant mowing of unused grass in the amount of $200.00.

The Council agreed to the $160.00 membership fee to be a member of the Logan County Chamber of Commerce.

A brief discussion was held regarding the past election and the lack of any presence of the Village of Quincy in the advertising of polling places and a location for the Village of Quincy at the polling place. The fact that the Village of Quincy polling place has been moved to Riverside School should mean that the Village of Quincy is now a recognized voting place within the Riverside School building. The matter is being investigated.

The Village of Quincy Council entered into another agreement with the Logan County Sheriff Department for extra patrolling in the Village of Quincy at the current rate of $27.50 per hour for 2016. The rate remains the same as 2016.

The alley paving was complete with the Village Council paying $5,852.30 of matching funds being paid from the Logan County Road and Bridge Tax Fund. The total of the project was $58,523.00 After another round of discussion regarding a proposal from the Logan County Commissioners to join in a County wide residential and commercial building inspection program, the Village of Quincy Council determined that at this time they were not moving forward, but would keep the program on the table at this time.

Greg Norris from Legacy Pipeline attended the meeting to discuss the status of natural gas coming to the Village of Quincy. He stated that at this time there is an issue with Vectren Gas He stated that there is discussion over the amount of hook ups along the path from the main line to DeGraff and Quincy and the amount of footage allowed for hookups along the line leading into the Villages.

At this time the only hook ups along this line are 500’ from the line and ‘Legacy needs as many hook ups along the line to defray the cost of laying this line and needs to hook up those homes and businesses at least 1000’ from the line. At this time nothing is happening on the project due to cost opposed to recouping the expenses of laying this line by investors. The amount of time it is taking to get this project underway could cause a problem with getting natural gas to Quincy and DeGraff.

A Christmas tree lighting ceremony is in the process with trees already donated.

An actual time and date should be ready for the December 1, 2015 meeting.

The delinquent list of utility users was reviewed. It was determined that all accounts with a balance over $200.00 would be shut off as soon as possible.

Leaf pick up has started and will end with the change of weather. All leaves left after the final leaf pickup will need to be handled by property owners. It was noted that twigs, gourds, pumpkins, and trash and animal feces were located in the leaves and caused equipment problems as well as time problems. Due to funds decreasing from the loss of the Street Operating Levy several years ago the Village Council will need to look at funds left in the Street Operating Levy that are not being replenished leaf pick up may need reviewed for 2016 Appropriations.

65 gallons of gasoline have been used so far for the truck and leaf machine.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:45 p.m.

Submitted Story

Submitted by the village of Quincy.

Submitted by the village of Quincy.