Village of Huntsville

The Huntsville Council’s Nov. 10 meeting was called to order by Mayor William H. Jenkins with the following members answering roll call: Lori Fisher, Sarah Shirk, Jean Cotterman, Deb Anderson and Ben Frey. Margaret Frazier was absent. The minutes of the last meeting were approved as read. Lori Fisher made a motion to pay bills. Sarah Shirk seconded the motion. All concurred on roll call.

Mayor Jenkins told Council that he received a notice for a liquor permit from the new Dollar General Store. It was found in the door to the Municipal Building. The Council had no objection to the application.

Village Solicitor Matthew Chamberlain shared a draft of the school property with the Council. He and the School Board attorney came up with an draft agreement on the division of the property. The piece of the property that the Village of Huntsville intends to keep as a ball field for public use is approximately 5.725 acres. The piece of property that the Village of Huntsville will put up for auction is approximately 5.044 acres. He asked Council to look the draft over and if they had any questions he would try to address them at the next meeting. He asked the Council to make a motion to give the Clerk authority to pay the surveying costs to Lee’s Surveying and Mapping. Deb Anderson made a motion to have the clerk pay the bill and Lori Fisher seconded the motion. All concurred on roll call.

Leaf pickup for village residents will continue until Friday, Nov. 13. There are bags available at the Village Municipal Building. See either the Street Superintendent, Tim Jenkins, or Village clerk, Susan Yelton. Please remember there are laws against open burning.

The Council agreed to excuse Margaret Frazier from the Council meeting.

There was a second reading of Ordinance 777 and there were no objections. Ordinance 777 amends the Village park rules and regulations that were set forth in Ordinance 697.

Mayor Jenkins told Council that he wants an ordinance in place by January 1st to control truck parking at the Lions Park. He suggests that the ordinance states that parking will be free to Village residents with proof of residency. All others will need to be issued a permit and pay $50 per month to park. This will help pay for the wear and tear on the roads.

Mayor Jenkins also talked to Council about vehicles around the Village sitting on jacks or cement blocks. He is going to speak to the Sheriff’s Department on the matter.

Ben Frey adjourned the meeting.