Logan County awarded $800,000 Community Housing Impact and Preservation (CHIP) grant

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The Logan County Commission applied for and received $800,000 in federal and state CHIP grant funds to improve the housing stock and help in the provision of affordable housing to Logan County residents. Both Logan County and the city of Bellefontaine collaborated in identifying the activities applied for in the CHIP grant application. Below is a breakdown of the funded program activities:

Logan County Activities

Proposed Outcomes

• Private-Owner Rehabilitation

7 Units Rehabbed

• Home Repair

15 Units Repaired

City of Bellefontaine Activities

Proposed Outcomes

• Private-Owner Rehabilitation

3 Units Rehabbed

• Home Repair

8 Units Repaired

• New Construction

1 Unit Constructed

• Down Payment/Rehabilitation

2 Households Assisted

The grant activities are described as follows:

Private-Owner Rehabilitation

The purpose of this activity is to improve and protect the supply of sound, serviceable, and affordable owner-occupied housing stock. Through this activity, financial assistance is provided through a deferred/declining loan, whereby 100% of the loan is forgiven over a 5-year period. This activity is designed to address problems throughout the house, such as; mechanical systems (electrical, plumbing and heating systems) and interior structural components (roof, walls, floors and foundation). Occasionally room additions, such as bedrooms, can be added to alleviate overcrowded conditions. Improvements can also be made to make the home handicap accessible.

Home Repair

The purpose of the Home Repair activity is to help preserve the affordable housing stock by providing owner-occupied households with limited assistance to correct significant problems in the home. Unlike Private-Owner Rehabilitation, which addresses the entire home, the Home Repair activity can address one or more specific deficiencies in the home. This is a 100% grant activity. Sample of improvements may include, but not limited to:

Structural System Repairs

Mechanical System Repairs

Sewer and Water Tap-Ins

Wells and Septic Systems


Handicap Accessibility

Lead Hazard Reduction

Down Payment/Rehabilitation

This activity is, in effect a combination of Down Payment assistance and Private-Owner Rehabilitation. Through this activity, financial assistance is provided to income eligible households to purchase homes. The assistance may include providing a subsidy to lower the interest rate of the loan, provide down payment assistance and closing costs. Funds are also provided to make improvements to the home to bring it up to Ohio Residential Rehabilitation Standards and any locally-adopted codes. This activity is a deferred/declining loan to the homebuyer.

New Construction

CHIP funds will be used in collaborating with Habitat for Humanity to construct a new house to be located in the City of Bellefontaine on a lot owned by Habitat for Humanity. The CHIP funds will act as a developer subsidy to help make the house affordable to the low-moderate income household.

Low-moderate income households will benefit by the above outlined CHIP activities. To be eligible for assistance, households must be at or below 80 percent of the County Medium Income, adjusted annually by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Interested Households should contact the Logan County CHIP Office, 937-441-5025.

Interested Local Contractors who would like to participate in the CHIP program should also contact the CHIP office to make application.

Submitted Story

Submitted by the Logan County Commission.

Submitted by the Logan County Commission.