Logan County commissioners announce final lift of tower section on courthouse

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The Logan County Commission expects the final section of the 142-foot-tall courthouse clock tower to be lifted into place by Midstate Contractors Inc. of Marion on Nov. 9, 10 and 11. This historic courthouse, constructed in 1870, was damaged in a storm on June 29, 2012, and has been under reconstruction and repair to replace the clock tower on the building. The building is also having a new roof installed and will have new slate installed in the coming weeks. The interior of the building is also undergoing renovations. The courthouse is expected to reopen with a rededication ceremony in the Spring of 2016.

The following is the order in which items are scheduled to be lifted onto the tower, subject to change due to delays.

Monday, Nov. 9

Crane to arrive on site and begin set up in morning.

Lift Order for Day 1, to begin approximately 12:00pm:

Recessed panels of clock section

Clock works

Clock Room

Clock faces

Tuesday, Nov. 10

Pre Lift set up to begin in morning.

Lift Order for Day 2, to begin after crane set up, approximately 9:00am:

Dismantle tower sections that are built on ground, starting with lifting off the tower roof top, then lifting the exterior dome section, then lifting the steel interior dome section.

Lift gable section to top of tower.

Lift interior steel dome section to tower.

Lift exterior dome section to tower.

Lift tower roof top section to tower.

Lift flag pole.

The Commissioners expect that all the lifting will be completed by the end of the day Tuesday, November 10, 2015, but delays may push the lift schedule into Wednesday, November 11, 2015.

The clock mechanism that is being lifted into the tower is the original E. Howard & Co. Clock that has been used since 1870. It has been fully restored and will continue to operate the clock in the tower. The clock room is a unique piece of history that was preserved when the damaged tower was removed, because it has signatures of citizens back to 1870. The signatures include county residents who signed right before they were sent off to World War I and World War II, as well as famous residents of Logan County, such as Edward D. Jones.

The crane used for this portion of the project is an ATC – 3275, from All Crane Rental in Columbus, Ohio, that has a maximum boom height of 350 feet, although only 223 feet will needed to complete the lifting of the tower sections. The crane has a 75 foot lifting radius, and the heaviest section of the tower that will be lifted will be approximately 25,000 pounds. The crane will come with four support semi-tractor trailers to transport the necessary pieces of the crane.

The Commissioners are encouraging citizens and members of the media to attend and watch the lifts of the tower sections. There is ample space available for viewing on city sidewalks across from the Courthouse on all sides. Once the last section of the tower is lifted into place, an American flag will be raised on the flag pole atop the building, as is the custom when topping out a construction project. If you have questions about the project, please contact the Logan County Commissioners’ office at 937-599-7284 or by emailing commissioners@co.logan.oh.us

Submitted Story

Submitted by the Logan County Commission.

Submitted by the Logan County Commission.