Seniors of the Month




Riverside’s Seniors of the Month for November are Connor Cotterman and Abigail Proffitt. Below are their comments.


Parents: Mandy and Steve Cotterman

School Activities and Awards: Football and Baseball – First team NWCC Football (’13, ’14), Second team District 9 (’13), First team District 9 (’14), Honorable Mention All State (’14), Second team outfield (’13, ’14)

If I were Principal for a day: I would cancel school.

Favorite School Memory: My sophomore year of football.

People who have been an inspiration to me: My parents and grandparents.

Lately, I have been reading: Sports Illustrated.

My advice to parents: Raise your kids to be respectful, but let them fail so they can learn.

My biggest regret: none

Next year I will be: Attending college and playing football (undecided)



Parents: Phyllis and Roger Proffitt

Activities/Awards: BPA, Golf, Basketball, Softball …. 2x NWCC First Team (Softball), Division 4 All-Metro 2nd Team (softball), Division 4 All-Metro 1st Team (softball)

If I were Principal for a day: Everyone would get ice cream and a sleeping bag and we’d watch Netflix.

Favorite School Memory: Going to North Carolina with 3 other students, 2 teachers and visiting Duke and UNC.

Inspiration: My parents and brother and Mrs. Fleming.

Lately, I’ve been reading: The passages we got assigned in AP English

Advice to Parents: Support your children at all times. They’ll appreciate it more than you’ll ever know.

My Biggest Regret: Not always doing what truly made me happy.

Next year I will be: Attending College for Business Administration and Human Resource.