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The Oct. 27 Huntsville Council meeting was called to order by Mayor William H. Jenkins with the following members answering roll call: Lori Fisher, Sarah Shirk, Margaret Frazier, Deb Anderson and Ben Frey. Jean Cotterman was absent. The minutes of the last meeting were approved as read. Deb Anderson made a motion to pay bills. Margaret Frazier seconded the motion. All concurred on roll call. Visitor for the meeting was Deputy Doug Mitchell.

Prior to the Council Meeting there was a Finance Committee Meeting to move money around to pay for the paving of the Village streets this summer.

Also prior to the Council Meeting Mayor Jenkins gave Ben Frey the Oath of Office for the vacant Council Seat.

Mayor Jenkins told Council that he attended the Mayor’s meeting last Wednesday evening. Consolidated Care and Sheriff Andy Smith were a couple of the speakers.

Village Solicitor, Matthew Chamberlain, shared Ordinance 776 with the Council. This Ordinance amends the rules and regulations for the Village Parks. We were asked by Pep Insurance, the Village’s Insurance Provider, to update the Parks rules and regulations. The Council was given copies to read. Lori Fisher motioned to pass the first reading on the Ordinance and Sarah Shirk seconded the motion. All concurred on roll call.

Mr. Chamberlain also told Council that he is still working on the new tax ordinance. Due to the passage of Amended Substitute House Bill 5 new State mandated municipal income tax guidelines have been established.

He informed Council that the Methodist Church is almost ready with a petition to vacate an alley on their property. They wish to add an addition on to the Church and will need to vacate the alley in the process.

Clerk, Susan Yelton, told Council that she met with Charlie Gillespie at the Municipal Building on Sunday, October 18th to sign off on a project his son Michael was working on for his Eagle Scout badge. He had signs made up for the different species of trees at the Lion Club park and attached them to the trees along the walking path.

Leaf pickup for Village residents will continue until Friday, November 13th. There are bags available at the Village Municipal Building. See either the Street Superintendent, Tim Jenkins, or Village clerk, Susan Yelton. Please remember there are laws against open burning.

Lori Fisher motioned to excuse Jean Cotterman from the Council meeting due to illness. Sarah Shirk seconded the motion. All concurred on roll call.

Lori Fisher motioned to accept Resolution 549 to move money to pay for the paving of the Village streets. Margaret Frazier seconded the motion. All concurred on roll call.

Beggar’s night for the Village will be October 29th from 6:00 to 7:30 pm

Mayor Jenkins asked the Council members to drive down Lion Park Drive to see where the semi trucks are tearing up the new asphalt. He would like to once again visit the parking issue. Village residents would be offered a permit to park in the lot but would have to show proof of residence. All other trucks would be prohibited. Council tabled this until they could check out the street.

Fire Chief, Tim Jenkins, told Council members that he had a name for a volunteer for the squad. Her name is Ryan Bias from Russells Point. Council approved the volunteer. He also told Council that the tanker was in the body shop for repairs.

Margaret Frazier adjourned the meeting.

Submitted Story

Submitted by the village of Huntsville.

Submitted by the village of Huntsville.