Indian Lake Current to become paid periodical

Staff report

Help your local community newspaper continue to help you!

The Indian Lake Current has proudly served every household and business in western Logan County since 2007. Your newspaper has arrived in your mailbox each week for free for more than 11 years. In those years the newspaper and the community have forged a partnership to create a publication that emphasizes school news, community “good news” and other church and charity service items.

In order to ensure the Indian Lake Current continues to serve your community throughout 2019 and beyond, we are asking for your help. The cost to produce and distribute free newspaper products such as the Indian Lake Current has continued to increase. A significant part of the escalation in cost, delivery via the U.S. Postal Service, is unavoidable. In addition, we have incurred steady increases in newsprint costs.

Many free distribution newspapers around the country have gone by the wayside, either shrinking their footprint in the community or just closing completely. We feel the Indian Lake Current is a strong and viable piece of the Indian Lake area providing a link between businesses, schools, readers and local organizations. So, we’re asking for your help to keep it a part of your lives and the area’s source for local news and information.

Effective Feb. 14, 2019, the Indian Lake Current will transform into a subscriber-only publication. If you would like to continue receiving the paper, a 1-year subscription will be $24. That’s less than 50 cents a week and still delivered to your home via the mail. Please send your payment to:

Indian Lake Current

c/o Urbana Daily Citizen

1637 E US Hwy 36, Ste 10

Urbana, OH 43078

Readers who wish to subscribe can also visit the website and click on the “subscribe” tab, or call 937-652-1331.

The Indian Lake Current is better when its community members are engaged with the publication through community news submissions, calendar notes and advertising. Help us help you stay connected with your neighbors and friends in 2019.

Staff report