Youth leaders hold first meet at nature preserve

Youth Leadership members from Bellefontaine, Benjamin Logan, Indian Lake and Riverside schools will meet at Myeerah Nature Preserve in Bellefontaine on Friday, Sept. 21, to kick off the the 2018-2019 school year.

Guest speakers this year will include:

-Life Reps owner Marcia O’Brien will facilitate active team building, problem solving and leadership development within the Youth Leadership Team with a challenge to identify and grow into the Big Ideas of Leadership.

-Amy Keller, MS, RDN, LD, Clinical Dietician from Mary Rutan Hospital/Healthy Living Coalition, will speak to students about creating healthy habits for a future of healthy living and educate them on how we can join forces and battle the epidemic to make Logan County healthy.

“Healthy Habits, Healthy You” through Mary Rutan Hospital is sponsoring the “Delicious & Healthy” lunch for the day.

The 9th-12th grade Impact teams will meet and brainstorm four countywide activities to impact their community and several activities that will impact their district. Impact teams will meet during the year to implement their projects that “Impact” the community.

The 9th & 10th grade students will attend programs this year to enhance leadership skills, such as communication, public speaking, decision making, priorities, and more. Two new programs will be focusing on 11th and 12th grade team members further enhance their leadership skills.

For more information, contact Karen Sorreles at the Midwest Regional Educational Service Center, 937-599-5195 Ext. 5506.

Submitted by the Midwest Regional Educational Service Center.

Submitted by the Midwest Regional Educational Service Center.