Reptile show a hit with kids

By Ron Brohm - Contributing Writer

LAKEVIEW — Usually when you run across something special in life there is a pretty good reason behind it. Undeniably the reason usually comes down to the tireless efforts of someone very special doing something very outstanding. And that would be the case with the Backyard Safari Reptile Show and the outstanding person behind it.

Her name is Angie Burton and her game is banking. She works at the local bank in downtown Lakeview as the vault teller.

Now, what does that have to do with a reptile show, you’re wondering? Well, let’s start with character, energy and attitude. She has them all, and you need those attributes to work as a banker and be a good steward of the public’s money.

Those same attributes also allow her to be a tireless giver and volunteer to the community. She volunteers every year at the Lakeview Car and Craft Show, Lakeview Downtown Christmas and much more.

This year at the car show she was running around non-stop helping out everywhere from marking off the streets, to selling 50/50 tickets, helping tourists, and just making sure everything ran perfectly without a hitch.

She even organized the wing eating contest and sat in as a substitute contestant when one backed out at the last minute. What a trooper. Now that’s character!

But, that’s not all, during all the hectic activities she attended to, making everything run smoothly-suddenly at high noon she shifts gears (so to speak) and becomes the star of the reptile show.

Almost like Wonder Woman she appears in different clothing let alone in a different role as the star of a fantastic reptile show.

She handled the crowd and the reptiles like a seasoned pro would at the San Diego Zoo or SeaWorld. The show was mesmerizing with the audience practically begging for more. She was handling gigantic spiders, huge turtles, a dragon and much more. The show was educational, fun and very entertaining for all the kids and adults watching.

“The Backyard Safari has been around since I was little, it was something my parents did and I just kind of took over to keep the tradition going,” Burton modestly states. “We’ve done the show at birthday parties, festivals, events and many other venues. I’ve always had a passion about reptiles and want to share it with others,” adds Burton.

It was a remarkable show and impressive what this young, passionate 22 year old banker pulled off and pulls off everyday. What a great attitude on life she has.

The future looks bright in America and at Indian Lake knowing there are talented, passionate and personable people out there like Angie Burton.

By Ron Brohm

Contributing Writer