Village of West Liberty

Present for the regular June 25 meeting of the West Liberty Village Council were Mayor G. Hostetler, Mr. Hyland, Mr. M. Hostetler, Mrs. McKelvey, Mrs. Griffith, Ms. Yoder, Mr. Detrick, Mr. Griffith, Solicitor Moell, Chief Oelker and Clerk Boyd. Guests: Bob Hughes, Cemetery Trustee and Herb Carter, Board of Public Affairs member and Brad Hudson. Absent: Mr. Keller. Bob Harrison and Al Park from Historical Society were here at 8 p.m.

Meeting was opened with Pledge of Allegiance and Lord’s Prayer.

Council brought trustee from Cemetery, Robert Hughes, Board of Public Affairs Member Herb Carter, and supervisors to explain the Ohi Revised Code and what Sick Leave is used for. It states in ORC “Employees may use sick leave, upon approval of the responsible administrative officer of the employing unit, for absence due to personal illness, pregnancy, injury, exposure to contagious disease that could be communicated to other employees, and illness, injury, or death in the employee’s immediate family. Unused sick leave shall be cumulative without limit. When sick leave is used, it shall be deducted from the employee’s credit on the basis of one hour for every one hour of absence from previously scheduled work.” Supervisors have to understand they are signing off on their timesheets and are responsible to approve Sick leave or not approve. It was discussed if someone goes to the doctor/dentist should they come back to work, Discretion is up to supervisors.

A MOTION was made by Mrs. McKelvey, seconded by Mr. M. Hostetler, to approve the minutes of June 11, 2018 as written/corrected. Motion Carried. Tash corrected with Trash and undated corrected to updated.

A MOTION was made by Mrs. McKelvey, seconded by Ms. Yoder, to approve bills in the amount of $35,996.47. Motion Carried.

Ordinance 2018-08, titled “AN ORDINANCE ESTABLISHING THE SALARIES AND WAGES FOR THE EMPLOYEES IN THE VILLAGE OF WEST LIBERTY, OHIO AND PROVIDING FOR THE PAYMENT THEREOF” was read. A MOTION was made by Mrs. Griffith second by Mrs. McKelvey to approve a 1 time bonus equal to 1 1/5% to hourly and salary employees as states in Ordinance. This will be Christmas in July and will get a one-time bonus check on July 19, 2018. Motion Carried. Yeas: 4 Nays: 0 Abstain: Mr. Hyland.

Mr. Detrick said Shane Freehauf’s probationary period is up June 30 and he will receive a 25 cent raise. Council agreed he will start July 2.

A MOTION was made by Mrs. McKelvey seconded by Mr. M. Hostetler to crack/seal Lion’s Club in the amount of $6144.90 by Ray Hensley’s. Motion Carried. Mr. Detrick will make Lions Club member aware this is happening.

Mr. Detrick said the building is done and waiting on electric.

The state will be grinding and paving SR 245 starting July 10-11th and will be finished by July 31, 2018.

Vectren is also replacing gas lines before paving is done.

Chief Oelker will be waiting for the 4 full time employee until September or October.

He is also short a Part time officer due to a surgery.

Fireworks are Saturday, June 30th at dusk. Corn hole and food vendors will be at Lion’s Park too. Fish Fry is also happening 5:00 – 7:00 PM.

Chief Oelker had a records request for calls for 2017. He said we have over 6800 calls for 2017 and they include ALL calls for service. Which includes phones calls, door checks, crashes, domestic, etc.

Robert Griffith reported property on Runkle and W. Columbus have been cleaned up. He sent 54 letters for trees/alleys cleanup on the East side of town. We want to thank them for complying to letters. A lot of residents have already cleaned things up. Mr. Griffith will send letters for people to replace their sidewalks.

Mrs. Griffith said she loves seeing the employees working together.

Bob Harrison and Al Park were here to ask Council for a 20 yr lease for the Opera House with a 12 month extension. The State needs something before they get the grant for the elevator. Solicitor Moell has talked with Phil Moots 2-3 times and needs to draw up something and needs to be advertised, bid, passed, etc. There are very specific rules required when a municipality leases per ORC. Phil Moots is in Michigan recovering from a heart attack and is not able to help. Solicitor Moell will start the process and will have it July 23rd. West Liberty is only half decision making body – Liberty Township would need to be involved. Solicitor Moell said we need an agreement signed for Phase III, of Opera House construction. They also talked about separate metering for gas and electric for Opera House will be in the agreement.

Mrs. McKelvey told Mr. Harrison and Mr. Park Council approved to pay electric for Phase 3 to install elevator. Council will pay up to $18,000.00 and West Liberty Historical Society will reimburse $6,000.00 in the fall. Clerk needs a written estimate ASAP.


2018-04 FOR THE VILLAGE OF WEST LIBERTY, OHIO FOR THE FISCAL YEAR ENDING DECEMBER 31, 2018” was read. A MOTION was made by Mr. M. Hostetler seconded by Mrs. Griffith to pass on second reading only. Motion Carried.

A MOTION was made by Mrs. McKelvey seconded by Ms. Yoder to pass Resolution 2018-R3 on first and final reading. Motion Carried. Yeas: 5 Nays: 0. This is for Logan County Natural Hazard Mitigation Plan.

Finance met with Seth Markin of CCTSS and he gave a quote in the amount of $457.00 to allow us to have secured Wi-Fi, cable, and allow power points, pictures to be shown in Council Chambers. He said a 36” TV would be the maximum a TV would fit in the corner.

Solicitor Moell said the annexation for the Lion’s Club driveway and the new WTP are complete but still waiting on Cemetery annexation to go into Logan County Commissioners.

Matt Chamberlain needs specifics on what we want in a contract/waiver. Some are we are not responsible for accidents and the door needs to be secured. Mr. M. Hostetler needs to talk with Andy Stidham first before anything is drawn up.

A MOTION was made by Mr. M. Hostetler seconded by Ms. Yoder to pay $19,000.00 for Quality Paving out of County Road Tax funds. Motion Carried.

Beautification Awards nomination will be accepted until August 13, 2018 and will be awarded Labor Day Weekend. Forms are on line at or in clerk’s office.

Mr. M. Hostetler said from an unreliable source someone wants the old WTP torn down so a new building can be built for Lion’s Club. Clerk and some other Council members would like to see a splash pad installed in that particular spot. Clerk looked into grants last fall and will look again.

Clerk attended a meeting at Logan County Engineers office and OPWC money will be coming due again in 2019 however the paperwork needs to be turned in before July 27th. It is estimated each village will get about $75,000.00 maybe more.

The catch basin needs replaced in from of Sweetie Pies and will get an estimate.

The code enforcement officer needs consequences if they do not take care of their property, pools, trees, sidewalks, etc.

Council discussed Sick Leave and Pay raises, again in great length. Council thinks some employees deserve a bigger pay raise then others but we will look again at the end of the year.

Bob Hughes will be resigning at the end of this year from Cemetery Board and need to think of a replacement.

A MOTION was made by Mr. M. Hostetler seconded by Mr. Park to adjourn at 9:22 PM. Motion Carried.

Submitted by the village of West Liberty.

Submitted by the village of West Liberty.