Indian Lake Middle School students honored

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Special Award winners are, from left, Trenton Fulkerson, Rachel Wahl, Macie Robinson, Kaleb Hurly and Kandall Cotterman.

Special Award winners are, from left, Trenton Fulkerson, Rachel Wahl, Macie Robinson, Kaleb Hurly and Kandall Cotterman.

Middle school Co-Principal Don Bauer presents his final Laker Pride award to 7th grader Davien Hamilton.

Indian Lake Middle School honored students who excelled this school year and said farewell to a long-time leader in the district. Parents and staff gathered for the annual ILMS Awards Program recently. Students were recognized for perfect attendance, art, music, academic club involvement for 6th, 7th and 8th graders and more.

Nearly every instructor in the building selected a student for what’s called the Laker Pride Awards. This could be either the most improved student or a student who excelled all year in a class. The crowd gasped and fell silent when Mrs. Mefford announced that Co-Principal Don Bauer will be retiring at the end of the school year. Students and parents gave him a standing ovation and Student Council President Kendall Cotterman gave him a plaque naming the Student Council Garden on the south side of the Middle School in his honor. Mr. Bauer told the crowd, “Even though I don’t live in the district, Indian Lake is my home and will always be.”

Finally, special annual awards were handed out to 8th graders completing their time at the middle school. Rachel Wahl and Trenton Fulkerson were the recipients of the Outstanding Leadership Award demonstrating high leadership, scholarship and citizenship. The principals, guidance counselor and 8th grade teachers made the selections. Kendall Cotterman and Kaleb Hurley were presented with the Archie Griffin Award, recognizing students who display exemplary sportsmanship in their school and community.

The final award of the program was the Blake Smith Award, named after an ILMS student who passed away from leukemia in 1996 at the age of 13. Principals, teachers and the guidance counselor chose 8th grader Macie Robinson as the student who best demonstrates exemplary leadership, scholarship, citizenship and high athletic ability. Robinson received a plaque and his name will be engraved on the Blake Smith Award on display in the trophy case in the ILMS cafeteria.

Here’s a complete list of all the ILMS Award winners:

100% Attendance 4 Years (2014-2018)

Colin Burba, Cheyenne Hill, Eldon Stevens, Lukas Wisener

99% Attendance 4 Years (2014-2018)

Phoebe Brielmaier, Dylan Carter, Allison Culp, Kayla Cummins, KaLynn Miller, Dylan Pippin, Macie Robinson, Holly Seeley, Melissa Treen, Rachel Wahl, Cayden Whitman, Caleb Wurster, Claire Young

100% Attendance 8th Grade (2017-2018)

Phoebe Brielmaier, Colin Burba, Allison Culp, Cheyenne Hill, Ethan Knief, Dylan Pippin, Holly Seeley, Eldon Stevens, Rachel Wahl, Lukas Wisener, Caleb Wurster, Claire Young

100% Attendance 7th Grade (2017-2018)

Rachel Barnes, Colby Borgerding, Isabella Fauley, Haley Fisher, Rece Kimmel, Emma King, Gavin Lones, Jalan Martin, Paige Mefford, Grace Pequignot, Katelyn Pippin, Marah Reames, Jolee Reser, Regan Ross, Gabe Shepherd, Manuela Strong

100% Attendance 6th Grade (2017-2018)

Carson Barth, Ryan Culp, Dawson Finfrock, Savannah Hill, Hannah Hoffman, KaiLea Miller, Summer Price, Joe Schwer, Luke Seeley, Camdon Tuttle, Landen Wisener

100% Attendance 5th Grade (2017-2018)

Kolton Cummins, Allyson Evans, Ava Faler, Kailin Fauley, Zoey Kaeck, Calvin Knief, Caleb Parker, Adeline Robinson, Jayla Rush, Kendahl Stanley

Laker Pride Awards

Mr. Anders- Autumn Miller, Mr. Bauer- Davien Hamilton, Mrs. Berg- Jacob Preston, Mrs. Borgerding- Mathew Hines, Mr. Burden- Kaije Snider, Mrs. Clune- Allison Rowe, Mrs. Core- Garet Foreman, Mr. Dietz- Katelyn Pippin, Mrs. Dotson- James Bennett, Mr. Fauley- Angelina Arthur, Mrs. Finfrock- Reid Vance, Mr. Finke-Cayden Nessler, Mrs. Fulkerson- Kylan Arnette, Mrs. Fullerton- Lane Tucci, Mrs. Grider- Paige Monroe, Mrs. Glock/ Mrs. Gross- Hannah Gambrel, Mrs. Henderson- Angel Lazo, Mrs. Honaker- Maddux Hall, Mr. Hunter- Colin Burba, Mrs. Imm- Dalton Longwell, Mrs. Jacobs- Kahne Ferguson, Mrs. King- Briauna Chamberlin, Mrs. Kinsey- Alyssa Preston, Mr. Lenhart- Emily Harford, Mr. Maurer- Madalene Gutierrez, Mrs. McPherson, Kendahl Stanley, Mrs. Mefford- Robin Cook, Miss Newmeyer- Tyler Brown, Mrs. Niese- Jayla Rush, Mr. Oliver- Cameron Hughes, Mr. Overturf- Caiden Nicol, Mrs. Pickering- Morgan Dague, Mrs. Reese- Wyatt Daisy, Mrs. Ross- Kendall Cotterman, Mrs. Schulz- Alexis Reed, Mr. Schoen- Addy Angles, Miss Strayer- Ashton Kemp, Mrs. Sweeney- Logan Murphy, Mrs. Taylor- Will Elliott, Mr. Tidwell- Madi Pitts, Mrs. Tidwell- Caleb Converse, Mr. Tucci- Ava Shroyer, Mrs. Wagner- Cyrus Cummins, Mr. Wahl- Nick Johnson, Mrs. Wickline- Hayle Willoby

Academic Club 1st Year (6th Grade)

Alex Barhorst, Ashlynn Biederman, Anne Braig, Madison Brentlinger, Kylee Brock, Autumn Brooks, Callie Burba, Jason Carder, Eva Carney, Jenna Cooper, Ryan Culp, Carl Custard, Morgan Dague, Porscha Davis, Haylee Edwards, Thomas Elliott, Dawson Finfrock, Maddux Hall, Emily Harford, Savannah Hill, Hannah Hoffman, Garrett Hough, Ava Huffman, Jordan Hutton, Taylor Karbowiak, Trevor Kensler, Burke Lillard, Gabriella McClure, Chase McMillen, Grant McPherson, Hannah Metzger, Tyler Michael, Autumn Miller, KaiLea Miller, Makayla Motter, Ellie Mouser, Logan Murphy, Carlie Nickel, Kaylee Overbey, Brody Parsell, Molly Partington, Riley Rash, Maggie Reese, Devin Rice, Desiree Robinson, Katrina Roby, Victoria Roby, Massie Romanowski, Allison Rowe, Abby Sanabria, Amelia Schmiedebusch, Luke Seeley, Kaitlyn Shaner, Ava Shroyer, Chloe Sparks, Dante Stapleton, Hannah Metzger, Gillian Taylor, Seth Thornburgh, Camdon Tuttle, Dylan Valerio, Paris VanCourt, Emery Wagner, Landen Wisener, Lane Tucci

Academic Club 1st Year (7th Grade)

John Adkins Luther, Chase Baldwin, Dylan Cooley, Madison Kidder, Jazzlyn Lowery, Kelsey Ramos, Makayla Strauser, Mark Wolf

Academic Club 2nd Year (7th Grade)

Stephanie Altstaetter, Lauren Barhorst, Rachel Barnes, Mason Beres, Kiersten Clem, Destiny Crumley, Sierra DeWeese, Emma Dugan, Daylon Easton, Alaina Ellison, Isabella Fauley, Isabella Fauley, Payton Frost, Hunter Gross, Madalene Gutierrez, Jonathan Henry, Matthew Hines, Heidi Hoffman, Jaelyn Hughes, Tori Hurley, Jessica Jacobs, Lily Jenkins, Megan Kimbler, Rece Kimmel, Emma King, Allison Kinney, Gavin Lones, Meadow McCullough, Paige Mefford, Isaac Morrison, Brant Parsell, Grace Pequignot, Katelyn Pippin, Marah Reames, Regan Ross, Gabe Shepherd, Kameron Shepherd, Mason Swygart, Tia Tracey, Kelsi Ullom, Chase Villa, Creek Wischmeyer, Beau Young

Academic Club 1st Year (8th Grade)

Addy Angles, Kaitlyn Boberg, Briauna Chamberlin, Kitana Clark, Kayla Cummins, Nathan Huffman, Chelsea Lariva, Dalton Longwell, Callie Notestine, Conner Romanowski, Lindsey Spofford, Eldon Stevens, Abigail Stutzman, Lukas Wisener

Academic Club 2nd Year (8th Grade)

Colten Beair, Tori Blanks, Gage Cutlip-Pash, Logan Evans, Brayden Flesher, Drew Hawkins, Cayden Nessler, Laura Partington, Trenton Stringfellow, Dakota Stude, Hailey Talbot, Devin Thompson, Hayle Willoby, Claire Young

Academic Club 3rd Year (8th Grade)

Lindsey Bodi-Phillips, Phoebe Brielmaier, Colin Burba, Dylan Carter, Kendall Cotterman, Allison Culp, Shania Fruchey, Trenton Fulkerson, Cheyenne Hill, Jacob Huhn, Jagger Hunt, Kaleb Hurley, Paige Kindle-Wyne, Easton Klauer, Ethan Knief, Alexis Lones, Lane McPherson, Dallas Miller, KaLynn Miller, Paige Monroe, Dylan Pippin, Caden Roberts, Macie Robinson, Lukas Schwieterman, Holly Seeley, Ethan Snapp, Reid Vance, Rachel Wahl, Caleb Wurster

Music Awards

Tori Blanks, Lindsey Bodi-Phillips, Meadow McCullough, Briauna Chamberlin, Allison Culp, Garet Foreman, Shania Fruchey, Megan Kimbler, Paige Mefford, Callie Notestine, Grace Pequignot, Marah Reames, Regan Ross, Makayla Strauser, Kelsi Ullom, Beau Young

Band Solo & Ensemble Awards

Dylan Carter, Allison Culp, Sierra DeWeese, Isabella Fauley, Cheyenne Hill, Jaelyn Hughes, Emma King, Ethan Knief, Holly Seeley, Trenton Stringfellow, Rachel Wahl

Art Awards

Carly Baldwin, Abigail Elliott, Cheyenne Hill, Heidi Hoffman, Paige Monroe, Marah Reames, Maggie Reese, Adeline Robinson, Massie Romanowski

Spelling Bee Awards

Regan Ross, Isaiah Kirby and Paige Monroe

Archie Griffin Awards: Kendall Cotterman and Kaleb Hurley

Outstanding Leadership Awards: Rachel Wahl and Trenton Fulkerson

Blake Smith Award: Macie Robinson

Special Award winners are, from left, Trenton Fulkerson, Rachel Wahl, Macie Robinson, Kaleb Hurly and Kandall Cotterman. Award winners are, from left, Trenton Fulkerson, Rachel Wahl, Macie Robinson, Kaleb Hurly and Kandall Cotterman.

Middle school Co-Principal Don Bauer presents his final Laker Pride award to 7th grader Davien Hamilton. school Co-Principal Don Bauer presents his final Laker Pride award to 7th grader Davien Hamilton.

Submitted story

Submitted by the Indian Lake school district.

Submitted by the Indian Lake school district.