It’s been a long road

West Liberty Community Center Project continues

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Beginning in 1997 when the current Restoration Committee was formed, the committee has worked diligently and methodically to reach where we are today. We have secured the building with new or repaired roofing, spouting, the cupola, replacement windows, etc. The sidewalk elevation was raised for handicap accessibility.

We then turned our attention to the interior of the first floor. The first challenge was to find a suitable new home for fire equipment that was housed where the Town Clerk office is now located. That accomplished, with the purchase of the former McDaniel garage, we moved on with totally renovating the first floor (except the west entry way, the former Town Clerk office). Heating, cooling, and electrical systems were all replaced or upgraded. Handicap accessible restrooms were included. The result? The Town Clerk has a beautiful new office with adequate storage space, the Township Trustees and the Town Council now have very nice meeting rooms. Did we mention the handicap accessible restrooms? That’s an important feature looking forward to the last part of this entire project. We should note that all of the above was accomplished at a cost of approximately $460,000.

Now we turn out attention to the final phase. This is projected to cost an additional $600,000. How many people does it take to raise that amount of money? The short answer is “everyone.” But, let’s take a closer look. We already have $325,000 in gifts and pledges. A very quick solution would be for someone, a group, or a business to purchase the right to name the facility. If interested, please talk to us!

In case that does not happen, let’s look at another plan. How many people will it take?

1 gift of $50,000

2 gifts of $25,000

5 gifts of $10,000

10 gifts of $5,000

25 gifts of $1,000

50 gifts of $500

500 gifts of $100

This plan would involve less than 600 donors giving more than the $300,000 needed. Obviously, other combinations of gifts and donors could also reach the final goal.

A final note! This would give 600 donors that sense of pride and community spirit each time they visit the community center, knowing they were partners in completing this project. The names of those giving gifts of $100 or more will be on public display, an opportunity to leave a legacy for yourself or for someone you love.

On June 10, when a special event is planned, you will be given the opportunity to make your gift or pledge. In our next article we will give more detail about that special event on June 10, 2018 at 2:00 PM. So, hold that date and…Stay Tuned.

West Liberty Community Center Project continues

Submitted story

Submitted by the Restoration Committee.

Submitted by the Restoration Committee.