Village of Quincy

The January Quincy Village Council meeting was opened with the Pledge of Allegiance and The Lord’s Prayer.

Monthly reports for December were presented as well as to date reports, utility deposit for December, and the top 25 payments from business collected by the Regional Income Tax Agency.

Council reviewed the natural gas project coming to the Village of Quincy. It was noted that the project to provide natural gas has made it to DeGraff and some hook ups are occurring. At this time Quincy has not had an update for service and will make contact with representatives to determine a time frame for Quincy getting natural gas in the Village.

The Quincy Council was presented a patrolling agreement from the Logan County Sheriff. A $2.00 per hour increase in the agreement was noted with all other services remaining the same. Council voted to enter into the agreement for 2018 to provide patrolling service and all equipment and insurance at a rate of $33.00 and number of hours and hours of patrolling being determined by the Village.

The Council gave a round of applause and a show of gratitude for a job well done to retiring Tom Weiskittle.

Mr. Weiskittle served the Quincy-Miami Township for 65 years starting at age 15. He was a member, Fire Chief, a driver, and many other miscellaneous duties. Mr. Weiskittle and his family has served the Quincy community in many capacities such as Clerk-Treasurer and currently serves as the Fiscal Officer of Miami Township. The Village of Quincy wishes Mr. Weiskittle well in his retirement from the department and extends a very well deserved Thank You for his service.

The Council also extended a large Thank You to Kirk Helmandollar for the good job done on cleaning the Streets and maintaining water usage during the cold winter weather.

The Council is reviewing a property on the corner of Walnut and Miami as a problem with water and snow along the road creating problems. Council discussed the issue and will be reviewing the area to determine the best way to correct the problem.

The Council is again trying to get the Village of Quincy added to the newspaper advertising of voting locations. For several years the Village of Quincy has been lumped into Miami Township. Council notes that the Village of DeGraff is

separated from both Miami Township and Pleasant Township and advertised as a separate entity as well as other voting locations throughout Logan County. Also noted by Council members was the signing at the voting location. The Board of Elections has been questioned about the matter and to date nothing has been changed. Council will continue to pursue the matter.

The Council also reviewed parking throughout the Village it is against Quincy laws to park vehicles on sidewalks in the Village as well as parking on the wrong side of the street.

The Logan County Sheriff’s Office will be made aware of the issue and while patrolling the Village ask to review with violators a warning against such actions.

The Council will be reviewing possible grant funding thru the Ohio Department of Transportation regarding possible side

walk improvements or other possible projects.

A Joint Sewer Board meeting scheduled for January 8, 2018 was not held due to lack of action of the Board. The Village of Quincy will be seeking a reschedule date for this meeting.

Mayor Carpenter informed Council that the committees will for the most part remain the same for 2018. A new list of updated committees will be posted at the Quincy Post Office for anyone needing help with these issues.

A problem has again been noted with animal owners not cleaning up after pets. Several downtown area parking lots are noticing animal feces being left and downtown patrons having to be cautious in the area. Business owners are ask to monitor and notify Council of violators.

Ball sign ups will be conducted sometime in late February.

Detailed information will be provided in the future.

A concern was expressed with Community Building renters using the sidewalks at the building to drive on to unload.

Village Administrator Kirk Helmandollar discussed with the Council a problem with water usage in the Village. He noted during the winter readings are between 60,000 and 70,000 gallons per day used. Readings are up to over 102,000 gallons per day. The readings going into the sewer plant are within 1,000 gallons which means it is probably not a leak but people leaving water running during the cold weather.

This is water being treated to send to the sewer plant. Council asks that households conserve as much as possible.

Mayor Carpenter then adjourned the meeting at 8:45 p.m. with the next regular meeting of Council scheduled for February 6, 2018 at 7:30 p.m. in Council Chambers.

Submitted by the village of Quincy.

Submitted by the village of Quincy.