Village of Quincy

On December 19, the final meeting of the Village of Quincy Council for 2017 was opened with The Pledge of Allegiance and reciting of The Lord’s Prayer.

Minutes of the December 5, 2017 meeting, a list bills to be paid, and the up to date financial reports and monthly reports for October and November 2017 were approved.

The Council was informed that the Hi-Point SeeSaws have determined that would like to use the Quincy Community Building once a month for 2018 at a cost of $80.00 per month. This is a guaranteed rental for 2018.

Information was discussed about insurance for the 2018 year and that both full-time employees now have insurance in their position with the Village.

Information was reviewed regarding legal service in the Village of Quincy.

The current Solicitor, Steve Fansler, serves three villages. He ask that the Village Council review his pay scale prior to his commitment agreement to provide service in the coming for a two year period. He currently makes $650.00 per month for two of the other villages and is receiving $500.00 per month from the Village of Quincy. This covers attending one Council meeting per month plus the outside work done in his office prior to these meetings. The Council reviewed several items regarding this issue and determined that $625.00 would be appropriate for this service as $600.00 is the going rate for much less experienced service in Logan County. Mr. Fansler has served the Village of Quincy since 2008 and has much knowledge in Quincy legal matters.

Ken Arbogast was present for the meeting to discuss the possibility of building several more triplex apartment buildings in the Village of Quincy.

He expressed concern over building agreements with Logan County for inspection and the cost of licensed electricians to put electricity in these buildings. These are rental properties and exact information on how this new program works were uncertain at this time. More information will be needed to answer questions regarding this matter. Also discussed was installation of water lines and shut offs for future buildings. This will increase water service by three users per unit.

The Council was informed of a public hearing regarding an increase in food license fees by the Logan County Health Department. This meeting will provide the formula used to determine the increase. The Village of Quincy is involved due to a temporary food service license at the Finfrock Park Concession Stand.

A two year depository agreed was approved for Civista Bank to provide depository service for the Village of Quincy.

John Hickman, President of Council, swore in Brian Carpenter as the Mayor of Quincy beginning January 1, 2017.

A property on Canby Street was discussed due to excessive liter on the property. Action will be taken to take care of the matter.

The results of a Personnel/Finance meeting was presented to Council with a suggestion of a 3% pay increase for the Village Administrator.

Council thanked Mr. Helmandollar for his service and all that he done for the Village throughout his years of service.

It was reported that a lost cell phone was found and turned into the Logan County Sheriff. The phone was locked and the owner could not be determined by the person who found it to make contact.

Council went into executive session to discuss personnel issues with no action taken as the result of the executive session.

Kirk Helmandollar wanted to thank Lee Eaton and Bill Weiskittle for volunteering to help with the pouring of cement to place a new generator at the Quincy-Miami Township Fire & Rescue building. The previous generator has not been working for several months and due to repair costs had to be replaced. The new generator needed adjustment to better serve the needs of the Village and Township.

Finally the Village of Quincy took a moment to thank out going Mayor, Dan Robinson, for his more than fourteen years of service as Mayor.

Council noted the many projects that he was involved in while serving the Community. He was instrumental in helping the Village apply and receive a $500,00.00 Neighborhood Revitalization Grant and is waiting to hear from the Logan County Commissioners for a $300,000.00 grant to replace a water line on Jefferson Street. The annual Christmas tree lighting ceremony was in part to him working with Civista Bank employees as well as Santa coming to the Village of Quincy. Mr. Robinson loves to serve the community with the support of his family and hopes to continue being a part of Village of Quincy activities in the future. The Council wishes him well and hopes to see him at future meetings. Mr. Robinson lost the November 2017 election by a narrow margin and contrary to what was said he is not retiring and plans to continue being a part of the community as he has lived in the Village of Quincy all his life and has done much work behind the scenes. Thank You Mayor Robinson!!

Mayor Robinson wanted to thank the community and Council as he expressed the Village of Quincy Council is doing a great job of keeping the Village operating. He then adjourned the meeting for the final time.

Submitted by the village of Quincy.

Submitted by the village of Quincy.