Seniors of the Month





Indian Lake Seniors of the Month for December are Christina Bowen and Spencer Wolf. Here are their comments.

Christina Bowen

Address: DeGraff

Parents: Kelli and James Bowen

School Activities and Awards: Meistersingers, Vocal Jazz Ensemble, Marching Band, Marching Band Secretary, Pep Band, Jazz Band, Musical, Science Club, Science Club Treasurer, Spanish Club, Spanish Club President, FCCLA, Key Club, Junior and Senior Class Vice President, National Honor Society, Prom Committee, Students Against Destructive Decisions, 4-H, 4-H Treasurer, Logan County Junior Fair Board, Logan County Junior Fair Board Vice President, West Central Ohio Community Concert Band, Church Choir and Youth Group, District Honors Choir, OMEA State Choir, 4.0 Honor Roll, Perfect Attendance, Honda Achievement Breakfast, Honor Society Award for Academic Excellence

If I were principal for a day: I would bring back the talent show like we had in Elementary School.

Favorite High School Memory: My favorite memories are all of our late night musical and Meisters practices. We put in a lot of work, but also have a lot of fun, and it all pays off. We spend so much time with each other and become one big family, which I am very thankful to the music programs for.

People who have been an inspiration to me include: Mrs. King, Mrs. Scheiderer, and Mr. Steinbarger. They are all so dedicated to their jobs and to our success as students. I hope that in my future career I am as passionate and driven as they are.

Lately I’ve been reading: Orphan Train by Christina Baker Cline, and The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho.

My advice to parents: Support your kids in whatever they are doing. Sometimes, when life gets hectic, they just need your support to get them through it. You’ll never know how much your attendance at a school event means to them.

My Biggest Regret: My biggest regret is caring too much about what others thought about me. Now, I’ve realized that I need to make my own decisions, and live my own life, regardless of what other people think. If I would have realized that earlier, it would have made a huge impact.

Next Year I Will Be: Attending Ohio Northern University majoring in Chemistry, taking the first step toward becoming a pediatrician.

Spencer Wolf

Address: Huntsville

Parents: Eric and Terri Wolf

School Activities and Awards: Key Club, Spanish Club, Improv Club, National Honor Society, Jazz Band, Symphonic Band, Pep Band, Show Choir, Vocal Jazz, Musical, Track, Rotary Youth Exchange, Eagle Scout Award, Superintendent Advisory Council

If I were principle for a day: I would start the day with a fresh cup of coffee. It would be brewed fresh in my personal Keurig I kept within the recesses of my office. As I smelled the fresh caffeine wafting though the air I would think about what awaited me in the day. There were always surprises in the school so it would keep me wondering for awhile. Then the students would come. One by one as they came in through the doors I would high five them. Getting excited about the day is a great way to improve the actual day itself. Throughout the day I would keep doing little things to give the homework laden seniors and juniors some respite from their burdens. As far as the underclassmen were concerned I would just be busy doing my best to keep the peace. Sometimes disputes would get out of control when someone grabbed the last banana pudding in the lunch line. Speaking of lunch that would be one of my biggest focuses. I would make sure that there was enough food to meet demand within the school. The banana pudding is one of such items. I would hold a meeting with the food department and request that we ramp up banana pudding production tenfold. After all of the excitement in the day I would finish off by visiting teachers and seeing how they are doing with their kids. That night I would sleep peacefully knowing that the day went fantastically.

Favorite School Memory: My apples were ready, my Crisco was in my bag and a song was in my heart. It was pie day in senior prep. We took that classroom by storm and the game was afoot. People began chopping, mixing, and spicing. The air seemed alive with fall spirit. I could see pumpkin, apple, and cherry pies sprouting into life around me. We rolled out our pie crusts freshly made and started putting them in pans. My apple pie was coming along wonderfully and I had my filling on a roll. As soon as the crust was in I filled it with apples and spices. Then after fitting the top with a rudimentary pie top made from pastry strips. I covered her up to be baked. The next day as we dug into out baked delicacies I learned the true taste of success.

Lately I’ve been reading: I’ve been reading a biography about Elon Musk. He is a inspiration to me and my career goals which I hold.

My Advice to Parents: Give plenty of freedom to explore various paths of learning. Be it music, math, or computers. If there is an interest, lay down a path to learn more about it for your kid.

My biggest regret: I regret all of the time I have spent not doing anything. Be it surfing the internet, watching TV, or playing video games. I wish I had taken more of that time and done something productive with it.

Next year I will be: Next year I will be going to college for a degree in Software Engineering. During this time I also want to be involved in as many music programs as I can fit into my schedule. I am also writing a new short story regularly and hopefully by next year I will be working on a book.




Submitted by the Indian Lake school district.

Submitted by the Indian Lake school district.