WL-S race results the same after recount

Staff report

David Cline, Chuck Buck and Tim Lamb remain victors of the Nov. 7 West Liberty-Salem Board of Education election following a recount of votes in Champaign and Logan County on Thursday.

An automatic recount occurred because votes garnered by candidate Lamb and write-in candidate Julie Cole were within the one-half of one percent range. Votes were recounted by the Champaign and Logan county boards of election.

The recounted votes in both counties matched votes certified by both boards Nov. 20, according to Meredith Bodey, director of the Champaign County board.

Certified votes, as well as recounted votes, in the race that consisted of six candidates vying for three seats are: Cline, 799 votes; Buck, 792 votes; Lamb, 741 votes; Cole, 731 votes; Dixie Kopus, 546 votes; and Trey Richardson, 541 votes.

Staff report