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The Sept. 8 Huntsville Council meeting was called to order by Mayor William H. Jenkins with the following members answering roll call: Deb Anderson, Sarah Shirk, Monica Yelton, Lori Fisher and Margaret Frazier. Jean Cotterman was absent. The minutes of the last meeting were approved as read. Deb Anderson motioned to pay the bills and Margaret Frazier seconded. All concurred on roll call. There were no visitors for the meeting.

Mayor Jenkins told Council that the car that was at the park and talked about at the last Council meeting was towed away. He contacted the Sheriff’s department and they tried to find the owner but were unsuccessful. They did contact his grandmother who lives in Michigan. It was decided to have it towed at the owner’s expense. It was noted that the tags were missing off the car and the keys were in the ashtray.

Tim Jenkins, Fire Chief, reported to Mayor Jenkins that there had been an accident with the tanker. It has been turned over PEP (Public Entities Pool of Ohio) which is the Village insurance company.

The Mayor also told Council that the parking at the park for the soccer game was out of hand. He said they were parked all the way around the walking track and there is posted no parking in the grass. Deb Anderson recommended that the clerk contact the soccer association to come up with a solution to the parking problem.. She also suggested that the ball association be contacted.

We received a letter from Mike Yoder, Logan County Auditor, stating that after reviewing the health department budget and their needs for the future, the Logan County Budget Commission has approved the amount of $600,000.00 for the portion of funding which will need to come from the subdivisions of the county. The amount of $2,574.00 is the amount required from the Village for 2016. If the November levy passes no funds will be taken from the Village settlement for the health department.

Greg Songer, PEP representative, met with the clerk for the two year inspection. Recommendation included servicing fire extinguishers, repair emergency lighting, improve playground safety in village parks and improve park inspection program and revise park rules regarding weapons were made. These items need action taken within the next 60 days.

A letter was received from the Logan County Auditor, Mike Yoder, on the resolution accepting the amounts and rates as determined by the Budget Commission. Lori Fisher motioned to accept the amounts and rates and Margaret Frazier seconded the motion. All concurred on roll call to accept Resolution 548.

Clerk, Susan Yelton, received an e-mail from Renee Metzger which she read to the Council. The Indian Lake State park and ILDC are co-sponsoring the 35th annual Fall Festival and they usually borrow bleachers from the school but due to a home football game they are unable to use them this year. They are asking to borrow 2 sets from Lions Park for September 25, 26 and 27th. The Council has no problem lending them the bleachers but ask the clerk to check and make sure there are no soccer games at the fields that week-end.

Council asked the clerk to call Robinaugh to inquire what their procedure is if someone failed to pay a bill for ambulance services.

Tonight is Monica Yelton’s last Council Meeting. They have sold their home and will no longer live within the Village limits. Anyone interesting in being a Council member should attend the next Council meeting. It will be September 22nd at 7:00 p.m. Monica’s term expires on 12/31/2017.

Monica Yelton adjourned the meeting.

Submitted Story

Submitted by the village of Huntsville.

Submitted by the village of Huntsville.