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Present for the Oct. 9 regular meeting of the West Liberty Village Council were Mayor G. Hostetler, Mr. M. Hostetler, Mr. King, Mrs. Coy, Mrs. McKelvey, Solicitor Moell and Chief Oelker. Absent were Mr. Mally and Clerk Boyd.

The meeting was opened with the Pledge of Allegiance and Lord’s Prayer.

A MOTION was made by Mr. Hostetler, seconded by Mrs. McKelvey, to approve the special annual with Liberty Township of Sept. 25, 2017. Motion carried. Yeas: 5 Nays: 0.

A MOTION was made by Mrs. McKelvey, seconded by Mr. Hostetler, to approve the minutes of Sept. 25. Motion Carried. Yeas: 5 Nays: 0

A MOTION was made by Mrs. Coy, seconded by Mr. King, to approve the special meeting of Sept. 28. Motion Carried. Yeas: 5 Nays: 0

A MOTION was made by Mrs. McKelvey, seconded by Mrs. Core Thomas, to approve the special meeting of Sept. 30. Motion Carried. Yeas: 5 Nay: 0

A MOTION was made by Mrs. McKelvey, seconded by Mrs. Core Thomas, to approve the following bills in the amount of $34,137.35. Motion Carried.

Mrs. McKelvey is concerned with curb side recycling company leaving recycling bins in the middle of the driveway. Mr. King will contact them.

Mr. King voiced concern over the dilapidated condition of the old grade school building; mess outside…trees, brush, weeds, and trash and it looks horrible. Discussion that the ordinances will need to be more user friendly for the Code Enforcement Officer (who will need to meet with Shane and Chris after being hired to begin updating the ordinances to remove the vagueness).

Mr. M. Hostetler brought up his concern over not getting three readings on most resolutions and some ordinances because of time constraints. Solicitor Moell explained that most of the time three readings should be used to allow input from the citizens. Mayor G. Hodttler advised that sometimes paperwork is not received to allow three readings

Street Committee – Mr. King contacted David Neer regarding the sidewalk/parking; Mr. Neer said he is waiting on the company to come back and fix the parking lot lines; Mr. King has called Quality Paving to come and fix it but is still waiting for a call back. Solicitor Moell advised that H&S Paving may be another option.

There is a concern regarding the flooding behind the Liberty Gathering Place in the alley. Mr. Holycross will contact Shane Long to get a catch basin installed.

Finance Committee will begin to explore options for insurance to bring to entire council once Mr. Mally returns from out of town. Council would like for Finance to meet with employees in the next few weeks to get some basic information about the current insurance.

Safety Committee: Mrs. Coy advised that Miller’s tree has been taken down. A concern was voiced by Mrs. Coy that there is a garage needing repair before it falls down.

Code Enforcement Officer position will be advertised in a display ad again until October 27, 2017. This position will be reimbursed for mileage on personal vehicle for village business and will be issued a cell phone for business purposes only. Interviews will be conducted by Mayor G. Hostetler, Mrs. Coy and Mr. Hostetler during the week of Oct 30.

Trash bags discussion- Mrs. Coy contacted Shell about carrying the bags and clerk will follow up. Mrs. Core Thomas was concerned that many people will need to buy bags after Thoman’s has closed or on Sundays and maybe Shell would be able to deal with these concerns. Mrs. McKelvey and Mr. M. Hostetler discussed the limited information from the surveys done online and that at the last council meeting we had wanted the surveys sent out with the water bills. Council has agreed that the survey is to be mailed to all residents by October 16th with feedback being able to be mailed (resident pays postage), emailed to clerk (include in mailing the email address to respond), phone calls to village office (include phone number in mailing), or drop off during business hours by October 31 to Village Office.

Bid opening for the remodel of the police department was opened last Wednesday. We received one bid. A MOTION was made by Mr. M. Hostetler seconded by Mrs. McKelvey to reject the bid for the remodeling of police department. Yeas: 5 Nays: 0.

Solicitor Moell will contact J&S Engineering to advise that Council would like to rebid the project at the first of the year (timeline as advised by J&S Engineering for beginning the bidding process, timeline for starting and completing the project).

A MOTION was made by Mrs. McKelvey seconded by Mr. M. Hostetler to approve payment of the next part of the contract with J&S Engineering for work completed. Yeas 5 Nays 0

A MOTION was made by Mrs. McKelvey seconded by Mrs. Coe Thomas to approve online codification in the amount of $2100.00 and $390.00 year to include $3.50 per page for changes. Motion Carried. Yeas: 5 Nays: 0.

Mrs. McKelvey and Clerk Boyd attended Sunshine Laws and Certified Public Records seminar and reported Executive Sessions not at the end or beginning of the meeting and there is specific motion for going into Executive Session.

A MOTION was made by Mrs. McKelvey seconded by Mrs. Coy to adjourn. Motion Carried.

Submitted story

Submitted by the village of West Liberty.

Submitted by the village of West Liberty.