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The Oct. 3 Quincy Village Council meeting was opened with the Pledge of Allegiance and reciting of The Lord’s Prayer.

The monthly reports for October to date were presented for Council review.

Solicitor Steve Fansler was present for the meeting. The Council discussed with him the ordinance to create a full-time position at the Joint Sewer Plant shared with the Village of DeGraff. The Mayor and Mr. Fansler reported that there had been no further communication with the Village of DeGraff regarding the creation of this position and the percentage each Village would pay regarding the increased salary. After discussion and determining that action was needed as quickly as possible to hire a full-time operator the first reading of an ordinance to create a full-time position at the Joint Sewer Plant was presented and approved in the Village of Quincy. This action is necessary to provide a Class II Operator for a minimum of twenty hours per week as required by the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency. Both the Village of Quincy and the Village of DeGraff have agreed that a full-time operator is necessary to maintain the plant at this time. A benefit package, salary, and insurance will need to be established before the position can be posted.

Council then discussed the need to update the Village of Quincy delinquent utility user ordinance. Due recent activity and amounts of delinquent accounts the Village of Quincy, Council is requesting an ordinance be prepared that will allow the Village of Quincy Council to begin probationary accounts in the Village. If an account is shut off due to non-payment this account must be paid in full before water will be turned on plus a $25.00 turn-on fee.

This account will be placed on probation and if not paid by the due date each month for twelve months will be automatically shut-off until a current payment history can be established. It will be necessary for accounts with extenuating circumstances be in contact with Council if an issue occurs.

The Quincy-Miami Township Fire and Rescue building has been without an emergency generator for several weeks. Two estimates were received. Both quoted a price of $14,400.00 for the generator and fees varied as to the hook up and installation. After reviewing the estimates the Village of Quincy Council voted to proceed with the purchase and installation of a new generator at a price of $16,475.00. from Kizer Electric Company of Urbana, Ohio.

Council approved the replacement of 50 tiles at the Joint Sewer Plant drying beds at a cost of $1,500.00. It was noted that more will need to be replaced in 2018 as well as many of the boards on the drying beds. These tiles can get the drying beds by until spring of next year.

Sludge will be removed at the plant and land applied during October 2017.

It was reported that two areas of the Village will have paving done as soon as possible. South Street will be repaved from Miami Street to Poplar Street and New Street to Poplar Street to South Street. The estimated cost $4,794.00. Ray Hensley has been contacted for the paving project.

Two trees will be removed before winter in the Village at an estimated cost of $3,300.00. This will be removal of the trees due to the condition of the trees and grinding of the stumps.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:42 p.m. until October 17, 2017 at 7:30 p.m.

The next Joint Sewer Board meeting will be the annual year end meeting of both Village of Quincy Council and Village of DeGraff Council at the Quincy Community Building on December 4, 2017.

Submitted story

Submitted by the village of Quincy.

Submitted by the village of Quincy.