West Liberty receives new emergency vehicle

The Macochee Joint Ambulance District purchased a 2017 Ford 550 Braun Super Chief XL Medic Unit, a top of the line 4-wheel drive with Advanced Life Support equipment.

This vehicle replaces the old squad that continually experienced motor problems. The old squad will be put on govdeals.com to be sold.

The ambulance district used to cover 200 calls a year, but in 2016, 870 calls were logged. It is expected to be even higher this year with all kinds of emergency calls for help, anything from helping a senior still at home who has fallen, to the school shooting last January, and everything in between. Chief Chris Jones says, “Thankfully the community is willing to support us.”

The money for the new vehicle was due to being remembered in the will of Charles Steven Busic, of West Liberty. They also look for grants and other agencies, as well as the upcoming levy, to help fund the equipment needed.

The district is always looking for those interested in becoming EMTs. It is a hard job when it is likely you will know someone you are sent to help, but rewarding when you are able to save a life.

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The Macochee Joint Ambulance District has a new emergency squad.
https://www.weeklycurrents.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/13/2017/09/web1_IMG_20170825_133345.jpgThe Macochee Joint Ambulance District has a new emergency squad. Tami Wenger | Contributing photographer

Here’s an inside view of medic unit.
https://www.weeklycurrents.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/13/2017/09/web1_IMG_20170825_133907.jpgHere’s an inside view of medic unit. Tami Wenger | Contributing photographer

By Tami Wenger

Contributing writer

Tami Wenger is a regular contributor to this newspaper.