Indian Lake Board of Education Report

The Indian Lake Local School District Board of Education took the following action during the August 21, 2017 Regular Board Meeting.

Approved the Financial Report ending July 31, 2017 and Board Bills as presented.

Approved the minutes from the July 24, 2017 Regular Meeting and the August 11, 2017 Special Meeting.

Accepted the dedicated grant to Jana Core from the Logan County Education Foundation in the amount of $200.00; approved the estimated resources modification; approved the fund to fund advances, authorized the execution of the First Amended Agreement for the Logan County School Employee Consortium, and accepted the Athletic Booster Donation of $10,000.00 to the Athletic Department, the donation from Foursight Financial Insurance Services in the amount of $98.16 to Jana Core and the donation of $218.20 from Mary Rutan Hospital and the Ross Family for the door locks at the Elementary Building.

Accepted the resignation of Patty Bechtel at the end of her 2016-2017 year contract, accepted the resignation of Kelsey Guthrie effective August 7, 2017, and accepted the resignation of Mary Headlee beginning on August 16, 2017.

Approved the Substitute Employee lists dated 8/16/2017 as recommended by the Midwest Regional ESC; issued a one-year limited non-teaching contract to Robin King as a 4-hour bus driver effective August 23, 2017; issued one-year non-teaching contracts to Jayne McNutt and Ashley Brentlinger as 4-hour food service effective August 17, 2017; issue one-year limited non-teaching food service contracts to Debra Risner, Reva Blake, and Kathy Neal for each to receive an additional 2-hour per day (totaling 8 hours per day) effective August 17, 2017; issued a one-year limited teaching contract to Gerald Lenhart as a Middle School Intervention Specialist effective August 18, 2017, approved Salary Schedule Advancements due to degree and or hours earned that have been certified by official college transcripts; approved after school tutoring paid by Title I, approved Substitute Rates, Non-OHSAA Tournament Athletic Event Rates, Substitute Employees, and Athletic Event Workers.


Robin King – 1-year limited non-teaching contract – 4-hour Bus Driver, Step 5 – $19.34/hour, effective August 23, 2017, pending proper certification.

Gerald Lenhart – 1-year limited teaching contract MS+15 with 11 yrs. experience (Step 12) – $60,058

Jayne McNutt – 1-year limited non-teaching contract – 4-hour cook/dishwasher/cashier, step 0 – $10.80, effective August 17, 2017

Ashley Brentlinger – 1-year limited non-teaching contract – 4-hour cook/dishwasher/cashier, step 0 – $10.80, effective August 17, 2017

Debra Risner – 1-year limited non-teaching contract for an additional 2 hours per day (totaling 8-hours); step 8, $12.96 per hour, effective August 17, 2017

Reva Blake – 1-year limited non-teaching contract for an additional 2 hours per day (totaling 8-hours); step 11, $13.72 per hour, effective August 17, 2017

Kathy Neal – 1-year limited non-teaching contract for an additional 2 hours per day (totaling 8-hours); step 5, $12.15 per hour, effective August 17, 2017

(All contracts are contingent upon receipt of required background checks, placement on salary schedule by the Treasurer in accordance with the ILEA or ILACE agreement and district procedures following receipt of all documentation of transcripts and prior years of service for which employee may be eligible, if applicable to that position.)

Advancement on the Salary Schedule

Greg Tuttle MS+25 MS+45

Troy Shively MS MS+15

Kelli Strayer MS+25 MS+45

Kristen Soos BS+150 MS

Todd Dietz MS MS+15

After School Tutoring for English Language Learning

Jill Young – $20.00 per tutoring session of one hour paid with Title I grant funds

Justin Welker – $20.00 per tutoring session of one hour paid with Title I grant funds

Substitute Rates and Non-OHSAA Athletic Game Help Rates Effective August 21, 2017; unless otherwise noted:

(Substitute Hourly Rates may be automatically adjusted to meet Federal and State Minimum Wage Requirements)

Substitute Teacher – $100.00 a day/$50.00 half day

Home Tutor – $15.00 per hour

Substitute Bus Driver – Route Rate $14.00 per hour; Substitute Trip Rate $14.00/hour up to 6 hours, $8.00/hour thereafter

Assistant Transportation Director Rate $20.00 per hour

Substitute Bus Mechanic – $12.85 per hour

Substitute Bus Aide – $8.50 per hour

Substitute Secretary – $8.50 per hour

Substitute Food Service – $8.50 per hour

Substitute Educational Assistant – $8.50 per hour

Substitute Custodian – $10.00 per hour

Substitute Grounds Keeper – $11.00 per hour

FOOTBALL: Varsity Ticket Seller – $25.00

JV/Freshman/Middle School Ticket Sellers – $18.00

Ticket Taker – $18.00

Announcer – $20.00

Clock – $18.00

Timer – $18.00

Scorekeeper – $18.00

Message Board – $18.00

Chain Crew – $18.00

SOCCER: Ticket Seller – $25.00

Announce/Clock – $18.00

VOLLEYBALL: Ticker Seller – $25.00

Clock – $18.00

Line Judge – $18.00

BASKETBALL: Varsity & Jr. Varsity Game Ticket Seller – $25.00

Varsity & Jr. Varsity & Freshman Game Ticket Seller – $35.00

Varsity & Jr. Varsity Game Clock – $20.00

Varsity & Jr. Varsity & Freshman Game Clock – $30.00

Announcer – $20.00

Stat Board – $20.00

WRESTLING – HS – Dual, Tri, Super Tri: Ticket Seller – $25.00

Announcer/Clock – $25.00

WRESTLING HS Invitational: Ticket Seller – $65.00

Table/Clock Work – $65.00

Meet Manager – $310.00

WRESTLING – MS – Dual, Tri, Super Tri: Ticker Seller – $20.00

WRESTLING MS Invitational: Ticket Seller – $65.00

Meet Manager – $250.00

TRACK – HS Ticket Seller – $25.00

MS Ticket Seller – $18.00

Substitute Employees

Substitute Teacher and Educational Assistant Lists #3 dated 08/16/2017 as recommended by the Midwest Regional Educational Service Center.

Substitute Custodians: Jon Blackburn, Reva Blake, William Shaffer, Kenneth Young, Jayne McNutt, Kathleen Neal, Steve Warniment

Substitute Grounds Keeper: John Blackburn and William Shaffer

Substitute Food Service: Shirley Dow, Jayne McNutt, Ashley Brentlinger, Patricia Cozad, Mary

Foreman, Heather Griffin, Cindy Richter

Substitute Secretary: Mary Foreman

Substitute Drivers: Terrah Eaton and Brenda Mitchell (pending that they meet all required certifications)

Athletic Event Workers: *Denotes non-staff member

Sam Jackson* Brenda Jackson* Brenda Oda Jenifer Ignarski Nick Tucci Bill Fulton* Ryan Stanford Don Lewis* Diane Lewis* Jana Core Mike Mauer Lindsay Ross Kelli Strayer Kristen Glink Jenna Finfrock Matt Steinbarger Brian Tidwell Wes Hall Tracey Notestine Mariann Reese Nancy Beatty Dana Clune Mandy Tidwell Robert Ball Eric Finke Julie Grider Andrea Jacobs Doug Reprogle Erin Miller Holly Klauer Judy Niese Pat Oliver* Zach Overturf Mike Pusey Katy Taylor Valarie Rapp Jamie Ross* JP Schulz* Kristen Soos Lisa Seeley

Approved the 2017-18 Bus Routes as presented and authorize the transportation director to adjust as needed

Approved the new, revised, or replaced Board Policies listed below as recommended by NEOLA:

Changes of law as a result of the ESSA (Every Student Succeeds Act) federal legislation:

Policy 5111.01 – Replacement Policy – ESSA – Homeless Students

Policy 5111.03 – New Policy – Children and Youth in Foster Care.

Policy 8340 – New Policy – ESSA – Letters of Reference


Policy 8300 – New Policy – Technology Update – Continuity of Organizational Operations Plan

Policy 8305 – New Policy – Technology Update – Information Security


Policy 3217 – Revised Policy Special Update – Weapons (professional staff)

Policy 4217 – Revised Policy Special Update – Weapons (classified staff)

Policy 7217 – Revised Policy Special Update – Weapons (parents)

The Board of Education went into executive session to confer with the Board’s attorneys to discuss matters

that are the subject of pending or imminent court action, to consider dismissal and/or dismissal of an


The next regular Board of Education meeting will be September 18, 2017 at 6:30 pm in the Board Office.

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