Submitting News To The Currents

The River Current and Indian Lake Current welcome news, feature and Upcoming Events items from Logan County residents, schools, groups, churches, governments, etc. Please email items to, typing text in the main area of the email or attached word documents and emailing photos as attached jpegs.

Items remain in Upcoming Events until the event is over. Some ongoing events run continuously. Please contact us when an item no longer is relevant. Consider letting us know when to delete an item when emailing it.

Letters to the editor also may be emailed for the editor’s consideration. Letters must be no longer than 200 words (election letters must be no longer than 100 words). Frequent letters from the same writer will be rejected.

The deadline for all items for these Thursday weeklies is 5 p.m. Friday.

Publication of news items by particular dates is not guaranteed, but items are posted to the website,, sooner than they appear in print. For advertising information, contact ad rep Jason Roby at