Ohio Hi-Point board discusses internships, contracts

By Adam Grillot - Communications Coordinator - Ohio Hi-Point Career Center

The Ohio Hi-Point Career Center Board of Education gathered for the monthly meeting June 28 to hear presentations from OHP students active in internships throughout the year, review staff contracts and approve donations to scholarship funds.

Angel Payne of the Logan County Solid Waste District presented a recycling rebate to Ohio Hi-Point for its active participation in the Campbell Hill Recycling Center, located on Sloan Boulevard across from the campus. The recycling center processed 168 tons of recyclables this year and donated 7.5 percent per ton to the school district, totaling approximately $1,500. The board authorized the rebate from Campbell Hill recycling to be deposited in the Warren Stevens Scholarship fund that will be awarded to a student next year.

Tara O’Conner, a recent Cosmetology student from Ohio Hi-Point main campus and Marysville High School, presented to the board about her internship experience at Kenneth’s Hair Salon and Day Spa in Dublin. “The experience I got at the salon was amazing and there was always something new and interesting happening,” said O’Conner. “It was an unpaid internship that I was able to get 165 total hours which eventually led to a job opportunity with the same company.” The school board and staff have been putting a lot of focus on creating more connections in the community to create paid and unpaid internship opportunities for students who are looking to get experience in their field. “I got the opportunity to job shadow at Honda and see how their assembly, equipment engineering, paint, and welding processes operate,” said Marysville Early College STEM satellite student Jesse Boomstra, who is planning to become an engineer. “I discovered that there were so many opportunities available to engineers at a place like Honda and they are always doing something different and learning new, more efficient processes to get the job done.” There were 60 main campus students and 450 satellite program students who worked in either a paid or unpaid internship this previous academic year and the district is only looking to increase that number in years to come.

The Animal Science building renovation project is nearing completion and features an operating table, high-tech classroom, and pet grooming facilities that students will manage. There will be a grand public opening to the newly renovated building on August 8 that will give people from the community a change to check out the building as well as other new developments on campus.

High School Director Tonya Ramey presented data and requested a new grading scale that would move OHP to a 10-point grading scale from the existing 93-100 scale. “Ohio Hi-Point students are at a strong disadvantage for scholarships when compared to schools who are operating on a 10-point scale,” said Ramey. “From the 14 partner school districts that we serve, there are 6 schools who are already following this scale and it is effecting how students are ranked when considering their GPA and class ranking for scholarships.”

Other matters

Paul McMahill presented a legislative report

Treasurer, Eric Adelsberger presented the end-of-year financial reports and five-year forecast planning

Playground equipment will be donated to the City of Bellefontaine

Approved the employment of Heather Godwin, Educational Aide

Approval to begin Construction Manager at Risk negotiations with Thomas and Marker Construction, as recommended by the district’s Construction Manager at Risk Evaluation Committee

Annual employee contract agreements were renewed and/or re-issued for several OHP staff members

Designation of Title VI, VII, IX, and Section 504 Compliance Officers

By Adam Grillot

Communications Coordinator

Ohio Hi-Point Career Center

Submitted by Ohio Hi-Point Career Center

Submitted by Ohio Hi-Point Career Center