West Liberty prepares to celebrate its bicentennial

By Tami Wenger - For Civitas Media.com

The village of West Liberty was founded in 1817 by John Enoch. During the past 200 years the village has overcome many tragedies, persevered through the flames of fire, rushing flood waters, bad flu epidemic, sad farm accidents, a terrifying school shooting and more.

Tom Corwin, former governor of Ohio (1840-1842) said, “If there is a line where Mac-O-Chee ends and Heaven begins, it is imperceptible – the easiest place to live or die in, I ever saw.”

“West Liberty is a pretty little town and shines where it stands, against the background of it’s green hill, with the waters of the Mad River and the ”babbling Mac-O-Chee” silvering the plain at it’s edge.” Memoirs of the Miami Valley.

In the History and Biography of Logan County it states, “West Liberty is entitled to the honorable sobriquet of the “Garden Spot” of the county of Logan. It is located amid surroundings sublimely grand. Here the sun seems to pour greater glories of the day, here the moon seems to hang with more beauty in her silver crescent at the evening hour, here the stars that bestud God’s diamond throne appear to shine with a brighter luster than elsewhere.”

People have come and gone but one thing remains the same: This sweet little hamlet will always hold a special place in the hearts of those who have lived there, those who currently live there and those who just stop by to visit.

A place of fond memories, favorite places, playing in the creek, attending school, work, playing ball, owning a business, and celebrating happy times. A sense of community, a spirit of togetherness, a place of belonging, home and most of all, family.

Thursday, July 6, through Sunday, July 9, West Liberty will celebrate its 200th birthday and all are invited. There will be something for everyone. Contests, photo gallery, live music, food, parade, car and motorcycle shows, open 50 year old time capsule, West Liberty History story time, community quilt reveal, old fashioned tent meeting, tug-of-war, 5k race/walk and much more. Go to westliberty200.com for the forms and schedule call 937-465-6081.

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By Tami Wenger

For Civitas Media.com

Tami Wenger is a regular contributor to this newspaper.

Tami Wenger is a regular contributor to this newspaper.