Village of West Liberty

Present for the May 8 regular meeting of the village of West Liberty Council were Mayor G. Hostetler, Mr. M. Hostetler, Mr. Mally, Mrs. McKelvey, Mrs. Core Thomas, Mrs. Coy, Solicitor Moell, Chief Oelker, Phil Holycross, Street Superintendent, and Clerk Boyd. Absent: Jay King. Guests: Ellen Vitt and Donna Lou Erwin from Historical Society.

Meeting was started with Pledge of Allegiance and Lord’s Prayer.

A MOTION was made by Mr. M. Hostetler, seconded by Mrs. McKelvey to approve minutes of April 24, 2017 as written/read. Motion Carried.

A MOTION was made by Mrs. Coy, seconded by Mrs. Core Thomas to approve the following bills in the amount of $35,483.89. Motion Carried.

Bill Detrick 62.5 reg. 16 vac. 1.5 Sl 961.49

Phil Holycross salary 1232.63

Dennis Lance 80 reg. 961.49

Steve Stanley services rendered 65.00

Lee Deloye 80 reg. 1084.57

Nate Fickle 80 reg. 8 OT 930.71

Shane Oelker salary 1319.82

Marc Roberts 80 reg. 2 OT 956.45

Paul Salyer 16 hrs. 129.31

Cindee Boyd salary 1119.28

Robert Griffith salary 134.97

Conrad Hostetler salary 1959.44

Greg Hostetler salary 335.17

Chris Moell solicitor Moell 413.33

Larry Reed salary 279.25

Stanton Walker salary 25.56

CT Communications phones 313.68

Vectren natural gas 439.17

D P& L electric 65.93

Ohio Deferred Comp for Boyd 55.00

IRS WH MC EMP> MC 1446.47

CCA municipal tax 267.34

Ohio Dept. Taxation state tax 623.79

Ohio School Dist. Inc Tax school tax 368.46

OPERS retirement 3453.87

IRS WH MC Emp. MC 754.15

OPFDPF retirement 3695.27

Spectrum internet 112.54

D P& L electric 111.94

Medical Insurance insurance 5599.06

Retail Interstate batteries 32.32

Century Link phones ` 196.28

Holdren Brothers plate 19.16

Sprint phones 269.62

CJ Hostetler oil change packer 247.00

Staples receipt books 7.78

Wichert Insurance 111 Runkle St. addition 217.00

Farmers Equipment tractor repaired 344.67

LeVans Equipment belt 26.17

LeVans Equipment trimmer head 39.90

Treasurer State of Ohio cooperative purchasing 100.00

Orkin mosquito fogging 500.00

Cont. May 8, 2017

Bellefontaine Examiner Ordinance posted 92.44

Contract Sweepers street swept 950.00

American Solutions envelopes 159.15

Cintas mats 26.59

Cintas uniforms cleaned 124.26

Cherokee Run Landfill 30.73 TN 2225.72

Hieby Oil fuel 415.69

Cooprate Health drug testing Holycross 60.00

Logan County Health Stanley Hep shots 215.00

Solicitor Moell had the deed for the Bailey House. A MOTION was made by Mrs. McKelvey seconded by Mrs. Core Thomas to authorize Mayor and Clerk to sign the deed to West Liberty Historical Society. Motion Carried.

Ordinance 2017-7 entitled “AN ORDINANCE ESTABLISHING THE SALARIES AND WAGES FOR THE WATER/SEWER EMPLOYEES IN THE VILLAGE OF WEST LIBERTY, OHIO AND PROVIDING FOR THE PAYMENT THEREOF” was read. A MOTION was made by Mr. M. Hostetler seconded Mr. Mally to suspend the rule requiring three separate readings. Motion Carried. Yeas: 4 Nays: 1.

A MOTION was made by Mr. M. Hostetler seconded by Mrs. Core Thomas to adopt Ordinance 2017-7 on 2nd and final reading. Motion Carried. Yeas: 4 Nays: 1.

Safety Committee needs to look at the dead tree on W. Baird St.

Finance committee has looked at the driveway at Lion’s Park and received two quotes to chip and seal. Ray Hensley quoted $13,523.70 and H & S Asphalt quoted $16,500.00. Finance has appropriated $10,000 for Lions Club but has decided to chip and seal. A MOTION was made by Mrs. McKelvey seconded by Mr. Mally to hire Ray Hensley to chip and seal. Motion Carried. There are a lot of events happening and hopefully they will work around those events.

Chief Oelker presented a job description for a Code Enforcement Officer. He liked Russells Point job description and they hire their Code Enforcement Officer as an independent contractor. Solicitor Moell asked if they get support from Logan County Prosecutor. Chief Oelker will find out because if they are not supportive, not necessary to hire someone.

Phil Holycross, Street Superintendent received a quote for 23 places to patch including across the street from town Hall and the Alley. Some other streets are Columbus, Runkle, Liberty, Reynolds, and Washington. A MOTION was made by Mrs. McKelvey seconded by Mrs. Coy to approve to hire Quality Paving in the amount of $37,125.00. Motion Carried. This will be paid by County road tax money.

He also had a quote in the amount of $875.00 to repair some work for the Water Dept. Clerk will present to Water Board Monday.

Clerk reported there are 4 Council members and 1 Board member up for re-election this year. Petitions need to be in by August if anyone is interested.

Ben Logan Trout release will be May 16th at 1:00 PM moved from the 17th.

Chief Oelker and committee met with Tom from J&S Engineering for drawings of the new police building. His estimate is $300,000.00. Chief will meet with him and reduce this cost – again.

Chief Oelker received a phone call from Ball Association about parking. A few ideas were given to Chief and he will tell Gretchen. Council suggested to get a pad lock or no parking signs.

Parade permits for Bicentennial Parade for July 8th at 12:00 pm and Block Party on June 10th 4:00 – ?

Sarah Seeley of Benjamin Logan would like to invite Council and the public to Addiction Resource Seminar on May 20th at 7:00 PM. This seminar is a community project in correlation with Consolidated Care Counselors, Judge Ann Beck, probation officer, and Coalition for Opiate Relief Efforts.

Submitted by the village of West Liberty.

Submitted by the village of West Liberty.