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The Lakeview mayor called the Aug. 3 meeting to order and led the council in the Pledge of Allegiance. The roll call was read and everyone answered the roll.

The minutes of the last meeting were approved as written. A motion was made by Traci Snyder to pay the bills and seconded by Frank Dietz. Eric Barhorst inquired about the last payment to J&J Schlaegel for the North Main Street project. He said he is not happy with the street as it is wavy and not smooth for a new street and would not vote for them to receive final payment. The Village Administrator offered to call the contractor and set up a meeting between them and Mr. Barhorst. It was decided their check will be held until the meeting. All the rest of the bills were approved to be paid. All voted yes and the motion passed.

A motion was made by Frank Dietz and seconded by Dennis Harford to transfer $2,483.04 into the Elevated Tank Fund and $3,699.13 into the Water Treatment Plant Fund from the CIWA Fund for July balancing. All voted yes and the motion passed.

John Hayman and Jacqueline Shoffner were invited to address Council on why they would like to be a council member to fill Molly Cook’s unexpired term. They both spoke and the Mayor then invited Council to vote. Ballots were handed out and council voted and Jacqueline Shoffner was voted in to fill Molly Cook’s unexpired term. The Mayor then swore her in and she took her seat as councilwoman.

Fire Chief Norm Spring was present and had reported that he and his fireman had been busy passing out newsletters. He also asked Council for their permission to hang a banner advertising for new firemen. Council gave permission for the banner. He is in the middle of a membership drive. He reported that the Fireman’s Club will take care of the funding of the new uniforms that had been ordered. The Chief also reported that tomorrow will be the annual pump test done on the trucks.

Village Administrator Pat Parish reported that the lone bid from Reichert’s was the only bid received at the bid opening on July 23, 2015. Their bid was $18,865.00. We will be reimbursed for one property from the Logan County Commissioners. Traci Snyder made a motion to accept their bid and Frank Dietz seconded the motion. All voted yes. The motion passed. Pat also reported the he met with the County Engineer’s office today on the chip and seal program. The village will have three streets that they will try to seal.

Deputy Donnie Day was present and had nothing new to report.

David Sheets, Zoning Officer, was present and stated he had issued two new permits. He also stated Mr. Lloyd had decided to withdraw his request for a variance for his pen of chickens. He has been given a week to get rid of them. It was also decided that the Village would give the Zoning Officer a card to be issued to each permit holder to be posted at the residence that will tell the public at a glance that they have been issued a zoning permit. The card will be green and is to be placed in the front window facing the street in full view.

Eric Barhorst inquired whether the Indian Lake Baptist Church was going to fill in the hole at the site of the old church since school would be starting soon. After much discussion, the Village Solicitor will send a letter to the church asking them to please get the hole filled as soon as possible. Eric also reported he gave a new list of weed and litter violators to Pat for letters to be sent.

Jacqueline Shoffner inquired whether the deaf children sign had come in and Pat said they were delivered but had not been put up yet.

Traci Snyder thanked the firemen for all their help in distributing the newsletter and talking to our residents about the upcoming levy for the fire house.

Visitors Gary Shellhammer and Brent Babyak were present to update Council on some water and drainage problems. The Village Administrator stated that all basins had been jetted and the water was draining. The Village will continue to investigate.

The Fiscal Officer asked Council if they wished to change the September 7th meeting as it is Labor Day. Discussion was held and it was decided to move the meeting to September 8th at 7:30 and the fiscal officer was directed to put a notice in the paper.

Connor Kinsey then asked for Council to go into Executive Session to discuss real estate matters. A motion was then made by Eric Barhorst and seconded by Frank Dietz to go into Executive Session to discuss real estate matters. All voted yes on the motion and it passed. Council then went into Executive Session.

A motion was made by Traci Snyder and seconded by Eric Barhorst to return to regular session. All voted yes and motion passed.

A motion was made to adjourn by Frank Dietz and seconded by Traci Snyder. All voted yes and the meeting adjourned.

The next meeting will be August 17th at 7:30 p.m. in Council Chambers.

Submitted Story

Submited by the village of Lakeview.

Submited by the village of Lakeview.