Village of DeGraff

The DeGraff Village Council convened in regular session from 7 to 8:15 p.m. Oct. 18 at 107 S. Main St., DeGraff.

Mayor Jennifer Bowman called the meeting to order and led the assembly in the Pledge of Allegiance with the following members and visitors present: Sue E. Walls Present Dennis Stout Absent Jenny LeClair Present Kelli Kreglow Stephens Absent Chuck Bertschman Present Beth Neeley Present.

MINUTES: Jenny LeClair moved to suspend the reading of the previous Minutes, and to approve them as written and submitted by the Fiscal Officer; second by Beth Neeley. Votes were: Sue E. Walls, Aye; Jenny LeClair, Aye; Chuck Bertschman, Aye; Beth Neeley, Aye. Motion

EXCUSE ABSENCE: Beth Neeley moved to excuse Kelli Kreglow Stephens from the meeting; second by Chuck Bertschman. Votes were: Sue E. Walls, Aye; Jenny LeClair, Aye; Chuck Bertschman, Aye; Beth Neeley, Aye. Motion

Jenny LeClair moved to excuse Dennis Stout from the meeting; second by Beth Neeley. Votes were: Sue E. Walls, Aye; Jenny LeClair, Aye; Chuck Bertschman, Aye; Beth Neeley, Aye.


EMPLOYEES: Miranda Warren, Solicitor.

VISITORS: Bob Smith with Legacy Pipeline was in attendance to report to Mayor Bowman and Council on the status of the natural gas project; Gary Comer, resident in attendance to observe the meeting and give support to Bob Smith; Judy Helmlinger, local Business owner (Thackerville Hill Business on Main Street) to inquire about the status of the pending contract between Legacy Pipeline and Vectren Gas Company; and to request that the alley behind her business be closed off by the village on Saturday, November 19, 2016 from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm during her liquidation auction. Following discussion; Chuck Bertschman moved to allow the closing of the alley behind Thackerville Hill Business on Saturday November 19, 2016 from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm for the Auction; second by Beth Neeley. Votes were Sue E. Walls, Aye; Jenny LeClair, Aye; Chuck Bertschman, Aye; Beth Neeley, Aye. Motion


Zoning: Mayor Bowman gave an update concerning nuisance properties and the status of other current Zoning issues and permits.

Solicitor: The 911 Good Samaritan Act has been reviewed and approved by Miranda Warren, Solicitor. The Mayor reported that Dispatchers are now being trained on how to respond in accordance with the Narcan Policy under the 911 Good Samaritan Act.


STREET: The Street Committee reported on the following operation issues and concerns as follows:

A neighbor’s (224 Ellis St) tree(s) that is/are overhanging the Village garage and presenting a potential threat for damage to the building; the Street Superintendent will be out all day on February 10, 2017 for Pesticide Training; new gutters and downspouts were installed at the village garage; the committee reported that a new rear entry hollow metal door is being considered for the Municipal Building, and an estimate from Classic Windows Doors-n-More for $ 2,652.00 has been received; an estimate requested from James Floor Interior in the amount of $ 250.00 was received to replace the front door entry exterior carpet. The committee also reported that there is a property dispute issue between two residents (306 W Miami St. and 305 Moore St) involving a village owned alley which needs to be addressed.

SAFETY: No committee report.

Volunteer Fire Department: The department needs the air compressor wired to 3 phase.

Police Department: Officer Brett VanBourgondien was in attendance at the request of Police Chief Piersall to inform council that he (Officer Bourgondien) has completed his certification and training with use of the Laser Taser; and will be training the rest of the Village Police Officers. This will save the village money. Officer VanBourgondien submitted an estimate of $ 2,251.14 from Vance’s Law Enforcement which included one (1) Black X26P CEW, Class III Laser Taser Weapon and additional Essential accessories for seven (7) police officers which will be used for Taser field training. Following discussion; Linda Harford, Fiscal Officer informed Council that she cannot certify the total estimate of

$ 2,251.14; however, $ 1,500.00 of that amount was previously approved by Council, leaving a balance of $ 751.14. At this time the funds are not available in the Police Department 2016 Appropriation Capital Outlay Fund Account; but the Fiscal Officer recommended that Police Chief Piersall or Officer VanBourgondien and Chuck Bertschman, Safety Committee Chairman discuss and submit an amended list for bare essentials until the 2017 Appropriations are completed and approved by Council. Linda also noted that council has previously approved her to transfer excess funds between accounts within the same Fund as needed; and she will review the General Fund with the Finance Committee to make a recommendation on this matter. Mayor Bowman recommended that she contact the Attorney General’s Office to inquire if any portion of the CPT Training funds can be used towards the Laser Taser equipment for Field Training purposes. Police Chief Piersall will be working with Sidney’s Police Chief William Balling to help assist our Local Law Enforcement Department to get certified in the Liaison Ohio Collaborative Program. The DeGraff Police Department also receives free radar guns for their continued participation in the “Click it-or Ticket” Program; also, the Police Department installed two (2) cameras at the DeGraff Annex Building for security purposes.

FINANCE: The committee met on Tuesday, October 11, 2016 at 6:00 pm. They reviewed and approved the Quarterly Bank Statements through August 30, 2016. The Fiscal Officer informed the committee that there are a few discrepancies on the September Bank Statement that she will need to discuss with bank officials concerning posting practices. The discrepancies are not significant amounts, and they are usually ACH/EFT Transactions. The Fiscal Officer requested and received banking information that she feels will help her understand the Bank’s Procedures, and will meet with a Bank Official as soon as she reviews all the information provided, and to discuss banking options. Sue E. Walls, Finance Chair reported that Fiscal Officer Linda Harford and Utility Superintendent Mike Weber have been working with Roberta Acosta of RCAP to complete and submit final documents for additional Grant Funding from the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (OEPA) for the proposed Water System Replacement Project. The committee also reported that Scott Coleman, Logan County Engineer has placed a 1/2% Sales Tax Renewal Levy on the November Ballot for Roads and Bridges. The Village of DeGraff has used these funds to conduct several Resurfacing and Paving Projects throughout the Village over the past few years from the revenues that are collected on our behalf. Sue E. Walls, Finance Chairperson also reported that the Fiscal Officer informed the committee that Municipal Income Tax revenue distributions from collections by R.I.T.A. are starting to be deposited on a more regulated monthly schedule.

PARKS & RECREATION: The park committee members met at the village park on October 12, 2016 at 5::30 to discuss the placement of proposed playground equipment.

CEMETERY: Reported on the status of cemetery operations, including current and future mowing proposals.

JOINT SEWER BOARD: The next meeting is scheduled for December 5, 2016 at 7: pm at the DeGraff Municipal Building at 107 S Main Street, DeGraff; this will be the Annual Joint Council Meeting to discuss and recap the Quincy-DeGraff WWTP Facility 2016 Operation Report and events with plant Operator Jeff Clevenger.

LIBRARY: Nothing to present.

ORDINANCES/RESOLUTIONS: The Fiscal Officer presented Resolution 16-18; A Resolution to

Authorize the Mayor to enter into Agreement for the WSRLA Planning Loan for the proposed Water Systems Improvement Project funding.

OLD BUSINESS: Mayor Bowman gave a status report on the Neighborhood Revitalization Grant; all required documents have been signed and forwarded to the Logan County Commissioners for their review and signatures; and will be submitted to the CDC as soon as possible. Resident Gary Comer inquired about the status of the alarm system from the Logan County E.M.A. that was awarded through a grant several months ago. The alarm was to be placed at the Village Park.

NEW BUSINESS: All village employees are to use the village dumpster located at the Village Park for village refuse disposal purpose only. Mayor Bowman also announced that the red door hangers have been placed on nuisance properties.

PAY BILLS: Sue E. Walls moved to pay bills; second by Beth Neeley. Votes were: Sue E. Walls, Aye; Jenny LeClair, Aye; Chuck Bertschman, Aye; Beth Neeley, Aye. Motion

ADJOURN: Mayor Jennifer L. Bowman adjourned the meeting at 8:15pm.

The meeting was adjourned till November 1, 2016 at 7:00 P.M. at the 107 S. Main Street – DeGraff, OH 43318-0309.

Submitted by the village of DeGraff.

Submitted by the village of DeGraff.