Village of Quincy

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The Village of Quincy met on a rescheduled date of October 11, 2016

with all members present.

Several visitors were present for the meeting. A resident was present to revisit the issue with the storm sewer drainage problem on Canby Street. The Council has submitted an application for funding but has not heard anything at this time. The matter is on the agenda due to not only problems on Canby Street but on State Route #235 areas and others in the Village. The current storm drains are old and crumbling and filling with dirt and debris causing back up of rain water into properties.

An issue with a tree on Liberty Street was discussed with the outcome being to contact Dayton Power & Light to determine the location of power lines prior to any action being taken.

The Church of Christ and Christian Union sent a representative to discuss the current proposed water rate increase. The usage and attendance at the Church does not compare to many residents usage in the Village including swimming pools and larger families. The Church expressed an across the table increase for everyone when some are using unlimited water at the same rate as smaller consumers and due to this fact everyone is charged the rate increase. They suggested the use of meters to determine fair usage of water in the Village. Due to the small size of the Village and cost to install meters and pay someone to read them the Council feels at this time it would not be possible. A suggestion that it is illegal not to have meters was presented and possible legal action could be taken to force installation meters was presented. The Village will review the issue with the Village Solicitor and determine what is mandatory by law.

Council then discussed with the Zoning Officer the issuance of two building permits and the construction of a 70’ Communication Tower with an antenna by the CSX railroad. Zoning information will be reviewed. Council also discussed the condition of the railroad crossing at the CSX crossing on State Route #235. Council was made aware of the need to repair the crossing for smoother passage.

The third and final reading of the ordinance to increase the water rate from $20.50 per month to $25.50 per month was presented and passed.

The increase will go into effect December 1, 2016 with the first bill reflecting the increase starting with the January 2017 billing. The new total of the water and sewer billing will be $75.00 per month.

Council then reviewed and will be reminding all Village of Quincy residents that an issue of the November 8, 2016 by the Affordable Gas & Electric to aggregate electric rates for the Village of Quincy needs to have a yes vote to allow this service. A.G.E. searching electric sources and finds the best rates and allows residents to participate in lower electric rates. This issue must get approval by the residents in the Village before anyone in the Village of Quincy can participate in the program. Anyone with a question concerning this program should attend a Council meeting or contact Council members to discuss the program and the benefits to the residents in the Village. This program is not affiliated with natural gas at this time.

Concern was expressed about semi trucks using Mill Street during problem times on State Route #235. Ordinances are in place to prevent this type of problem and drivers can be cited when using Village of Quincy street to get around a State Route #235 closure. Damage to property, danger to residents, and hardship on Village street are all concerns with this type of activity.

The next rescheduled meeting of the Village of Quincy Council will be held October 25, 2016 at 7:30 p.m. in Council Chambers.

Submitted story

Submitted by the village of Quincy.

Submitted by the village of Quincy.