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Present for the July 13 regular meeting of the West Liberty Village Council were Mayor G. Hostetler (late), Mr. M. Hostetler, Mr. King, Mr. Lance, Mrs. Coy, Mrs. McKelvey, Mrs. Hamilton, Solicitor Moell, Chief Oelker and Officer Tim Melvin, Fire Chief Hostetler, Zoning Officer Bob Griffith, Street department Phil Holycross, Dennis Lance, Bill Detrick and Clerk Boyd. Guests: Andrew and Nikki Reminder, Amy Pratt, John Leichty – residents.

The meeting was opened with the Pledge of Allegiance and Lord’s Prayer.

A MOTION was made by Mr. King, seconded by Mrs. McKelvey, to approve the minutes of June 22, 2015, as written/corrected. Motion Carried. An ordinance/resolution should be done for the sidewalk specifications not just a list.

A MOTION was made by Mrs. McKelvey, seconded by Mrs. Coy, to approve the following bills in the amount of $51,316.34. Motion Carried. Abstain: Mr. Hostetler.

Drew and Nikki Reminder were here to ask about an ordinance that states he is not allowed to have a cable attached to his trash can. The street department asked him to remove the cable from his trash can for safety issues. Drew understands that but communication would have been nice. Amy Pratt is concerned with street sweeping, Ordinances, and minutes not online. Clerk explained WPKO and Bellefontaine Examiner are normally here and report the minutes and has minutes online. Clerk will make sure the minutes are put in The River Current. Mrs. Pratt also said the terms of elected officials were on but now they are not. Clerk will make sure they are online and not sure if they were or not. Mrs. Pratt was concerned with street sweeping and not knowing when they come. Clerk said they will come every 4th Monday starting at 6:00 am. The former street crew started at 5:00 am. Council and Clerk will try to communicate with the residents more.

Mayor thanked them for coming and expressing their opinion. The elected terms of two council members and the Mayor end December 31, 2015 and the Clerk/Treasurer end March 31, 2016 and Two Board of Public Affairs members will end December 31, 2015 – anyone wanting to fill these seats can pick up a petition at the Board of Elections in Bellefontaine and deadline is August 5, 2015.

Fire Chief Hostetler was here to ask to hire Kevin White for a volunteer fire fighter. We have gear to dress him; he has all CEU’s, and lives in the area. A MOTION was made by Mrs. McKelvey seconded Mr. M. Hostetler to hire Kevin White as a Volunteer Fire Fighter. Motion Carried.

Mr. Rabenstein said he can store the 1947 Fire Truck for several more months. Mr. King is pursuing keeping the fire truck in town and is looking into a glass display unit to store the fire truck after replacing the tires. He will have more information soon.

The engineering work is being done to replace curb and gutters and sidewalks on Detroit and Zanesfield Rd. Clerk will be contacting the residents in this area.

Safety Committee will be working with the Fire Chief on a property in town may need condemned.

Street committee will be looking for the sidewalk ordinance from Clerk.

Finance Committee talked about ordering the fire truck. The fire department has raised $30,000 in donations towards the much needed fire truck. A MOTION was made by Mrs. McKelvey seconded by Mr. Lance to order to Sutphen Triple Combination Fire Apparatus Tanker in the amount of $288,784.00 with two trade ins. Motion Carried.

Street Department was here to discuss contracting the garbage pickup and dumpsters being charged wrong. Street department is concerned with outside source picking up trash. The dumpsters in town are not being charged correct and we are losing about $19,000.00 per year of revenue. Clerk will meet with them this week and discuss what needs to be done. Clerk and Finance are concerned over the last four years Garbage Rubbish fund has made $29,300.00 or $7,325.00 per year and this is not enough to justify a new garbage truck in the amount of $166,000.00.

A MOTION was made by Mrs. McKelvey seconded by Mr. King to allow A-1 Pest Control to spray every week until Labor Day. Motion Carried. This would be an additional 3 times.

Ordinance 2015-09 entitled “Village of West Liberty Trash Pickup, Curbside Recycling and Vegetation Collection” was read. A MOTION was made by Mrs. McKelvey seconded by Mr. Lance to pass Ordinance 2015-09 on second reading only. Motion Carried. This ordinance was rewritten to explain what is allowed for brush and weeds being picked up within the Village. This also confirms the garbage pickup allowances or residents will be charged extra on their utility bill.

Mrs. McKelvey updated Council on Town Hall Restoration. The contractors are still on schedule for the Clerk’s office to be back in by Labor Day. The brick work will be done by July 23rd.

Mayor G. Hostetler will talk with the WL Ball Association about charging outside teams to use Dodge Park.

Clerk will be calling a Planning Commission Meeting to discuss the Annexation Hearing.

Ohio Department of Transportation has contacted Clerk’s office to rescind Resolution 2010-R3 adopted August 9, 2010 to pave SR 245 the PID No. 88571. The SR 245 will not be paved until further notice. Council disagrees with this decision. Resolution 2015-R8 entitled “Preliminary Legislation – Village Consent PID No. 88571 LOG US 33/68 6.57/0.00” was read. A MOTION was made by Mr. M. Hostetler seconded by Mr. King to pass Resolution 2015-R8 on first reading only. Motion Carried. To express your concerns please contact G. Matt Parrill from District 7 ODOT at 937-492-1141.

Clerk would like to announce she is now taking credit/debit payments, over the phone and online payments with a 2%-3%fee being charged to customer. Trash bags, utility bills, advanced deposits, etc. can be paid by credit card.

Chief Shane Oelker said an officer had an accident in the new patrol vehicle but did no damage and did approximately $780.00 damage to the other vehicle. This will be taken care of.

A new radiator to the Dodge was installed and new tires will be priced.

The MARCS system will be in effect September for Logan County. New radios need to be purchased and Chief Oelker has a quote from Sunny Communications for reconditioned radios in the amount of $975.00 each and P& R Communications will install and total amount would be about $8600.00. A MOTION was made by Mrs. McKelvey seconded by Mr. King to approve Chief Oelker purchasing the radios. Motion Carried. Chief Oelker said if these radios are not purchased the West Liberty officers will not be able to communicate with other officers within Logan County.

Chief Oelker said there has been a prowler and vandalism in the Village limits and if residents see anything please call the Logan County Sheriff’s Department and one of our officers will respond.

There will be no meeting July 27, 2015 due to three council members being absent.

A MOTION was made by Mrs. McKelvey seconded by Mrs. Hamilton to authorize Clerk Boyd to pay all necessary bills. Motion Carried.

A MOTION was made by Mrs. McKelvey seconded by Mr. Lance to adjourn at 9:23 PM. Motion Carried.

Submitted Story

Submitted by the village of West Liberty.

Submitted by the village of West Liberty.