Youth Leadership Committee names top local leaders

Logan County Youth Leadership Ceremony is May 10

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The members of the Logan County Youth Leadership Committee announced the winners of the annual Outstanding Leaders Award. Each Youth Leadership Impact Team from Bellefontaine City, Benjamin Logan, Indian Lake and Riverside high schools selected a person they believe exemplifies an Outstanding Leader. The following criterion was used to make their selection.

Has made a noticeable impact in the lives of kids.

Possesses outstanding leadership skills

Is committed to leading in a positive direction.

Models leadership ethics and morals.

The Outstanding Leaders will be honored at the annual Logan County Youth Leadership ceremony on Tuesday, May 10 at 1 p.m. at First Church of God. Each high school Impact Team will present the award to their recipient. First Church of God in Bellefontaine will host this event.

Outstanding Leaders for 2016

Bellefontaine High School chose Doug Casey, Jr. from E.W.H. Spectrum

Benjamin Logan High School chose Lois Stoll from Benjamin Logan High School

Indian Lake High School chose Joe Teague, Jr. from Honda of America

Riverside High School chose Doug & Kim Comer from Comer Insurance

The guest speaker for this event will be Jason Duff, founder and CEO of Bellefontaine Ohio Properties Limited, a development firm that purchases and remodels storefront buildings on Main Street in Bellefontaine, Ohio. The firm works to attract, recruit and start new businesses in the community of Bellefontaine. The Youth Leadership Seniors will be recognized at this event and each school will present an overview of their Impact projects. Logan County Youth Leadership was begun in 1996 as an offshoot of the Logan County Chamber of Commerce adult Leadership Program. Since that time over 1,250 students from Logan County schools, grades 7-12 have participated in the program to learn and develop their leadership qualities.

Impact products

Logan County Youth Leadership Impact Teams consist of students from Bellefontaine, Benjamin Logan, Indian Lake, and Riverside schools. The students participate in annual projects that “Impact” their community. Individual school Impact teams raise money for a cause in their community such as Outreach Centers, Relay for Life, Food Pantries and United Way. Whether it is raising money or visiting nursing homes, the Impact teams try to make a difference and Impact their own community.

This year, students from all 4 schools met at Myeerah Nature Center for a Spring clean-up day. A grant from Logan County Cooperative “Operation Round-Up” allowed for team building activities this day and plans for more at kick-off.

2016 Graduating Class

Darrian Bricker, Morgan Fultz, Dillon Bricker, Logan Wenger, Austin Eaton, Caylee Wurster, Kyleigh Sharpin, Cole Merritt, Kaci Kidder, Aubrey Short, Ali Robinson, Lauryn Davis, Laraleigh Allen, Nicholas Smith, Ross Stevens, Ashley Hill, Arden ‘Bear’ Neer, Ryan Penny

2015-2016 Impact Teams

Bellefontaine High School

Brian Hoskins, Haley Watkins, Christopher Barnes, Eric LaRoche, Trea Mabry, Grant Westerman, Zavier Ziegler, Robby Weikart, Destiny Browning, BreAnna Hayes, Drew Jackson, Andy Abraham, Nik Feasel, Michael Horvath, Nevaeh Munger, Dashae Rogan, Chaloney Tolliver

Benjamin Logan High School

Karlee Gilliam, Will King, Brooke Watson, Josh Mears, Lexi Stewart, Sydney Sines, Bryden Penhorwood, Lane Crutchfield, Trey Wilson, Garrett Allen, Jagur Beaschler, Jillian Davis, Megan Hughes, Catherine Rhodes, Trevor Blair, Olivia Roose

Indian Lake High School

Savannah Kerns, Skyler Tavenner, Cole Mefford, Darrian Dorsey, Alexa King, Gabrielle Taylor, Preston Wright, Julien Barnes, Laura Downey, McKenzie Frost, Caleb Knief, Amber Seeley, Nathaniel Severt

Riverside High School

Seth Barhorst,Ally Dickenson, Blake Sacks, Camren Lattimer, Christian Downing, Jadzia Café, Marissa Davis, Jacob McKee, Leah Wilkinson, Jason Yoder, Justin Dabe, Irvin Godinez, Samantha Neeley, Ajay Stapleton, Alonzo Stotler, Maddie Bowman

Logan County Youth Leadership Ceremony is May 10

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Submitted by the Midwest Regional Educational Service Center.

Submitted by the Midwest Regional Educational Service Center.