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Present for the village of West Liberty Council at the March 7 village council meeting were Mayor G. Hostetler, Mr. M. Hostetler, Mrs. McKelvey, Mrs. Coy, Mr. King, Solicitor Moell, Chief Oelker and Clerk Boyd. Absent: None.

Meeting was opened with Pledge of Allegiance and Lord’s Prayer.

A MOTION was made by Mrs. McKelvey, seconded by Mr. King to approve the minutes of February 22, 2016 as written/read. Motion Carried.

A MOTION was made by Mr. M. Hostetler, seconded by Mrs. McKelvey to approve the following bills in the amount of $49,141.32. Motion Carried.

Resolution 2016-R6 titled “APPROVING THE SOLID WASTE MANAGEMENT PLAN OF THE LOGAN COUNTY SOLID WASTE MANAGEMENT DISTRICT” was read. A MOTION was made by Mr. King seconded by Mr. M. Hostetler to adopt Resolution 2016-R6 on first and final reading. Motion Carried.

Mr. M. Hostetler and Mr. King are going to work on sidewalk repairs again this spring. Clerk will send a letter to residents that still need to replace/repair sidewalks.

Clerk will contact Robert Griffith to send violation letters to business owners on the east side of downtown in the back the parking lot. Century Link on E. Newell St. will also need to repair their lot.

Council discussed the sidewalk on SR 68 and curb and gutter. We read a letter from a resident who does not want a sidewalk. Solicitor Moell said we need to go through a process if sidewalks are going to be installed. 1. A resolution needs to be passed with plans/specs. 2. Notice to residents’ certified mail. 3. Publish for 3 weeks and they have 2 weeks to object 4. Then Council can pass/deny at a Council meeting. Clerk will call Mike Hientz to see if we can rebid and do curb and gutter no sidewalk because the business is no longer open.

Chief Oelker will start moving April 1st to the Community Room. Chief Oelker had plans for the new police dept. building and location. Other locations were talked about and Chief Oelker will look into these. The cost of the building is $320,000.00 not including the technology and hook ups for phone, computers, cameras, etc. He has an appointment with CT Communications Wednesday to get a quote. Building size is 62 X 30 with a 40 X 26 garage. Phase II with the engineer would cost $12,000.00 which would include blue prints. Chief said the calls for service have increased to 4800 in 2015 (this is all calls). Clerk will find out interest rates and grants that may be out there.

Chief Oelker informed council Logan County Sheriff is applying for a grant in the amount of $497600.00 for MARCS radio system. Sheriff Department is asking for a letter of support and West Liberty would get five new portable radios. Council gives their support for the application of the grant.

Chief Oelker said the new cruiser will be here mid-April.

Planning Commission met and discussed the zoning for the newly annexed property. The will recommend to Council it be zoned a B-1 as the property next to it is a B-1. A MOTION was made by Mrs. McKelvey seconded by Mr. M. Hostetler to have a hearing April 11, 2016 at 6:30 PM. Motion Carried.

Received a quote from Shane Long Concrete to repair the brick sidewalk in front of C & R Pharmacy. The quote is $1,450.00 but not to exceed $1,900.00. Clerk will get another estimate.

Clerk has talked with CheckBook Ohio and has uploaded three years to Treasure State Office and need to look it over and make sure everything is correct. Council decided they want to be open and will have salaries on that website also.

Mayor G. Hostetler has five residents that are interested being on Council. The five are Al Hyland, Richard Mally, Cherrie Squires, Jane Core-Thomas and Bev Yoder. A MOTION was made by Mrs. McKelvey seconded by Mr. King to appoint Richard Mally to replace Becky Hamilton for a 4 year term. Motion Carried. Yeas: 4 Nays: 0.

A MOTION was made by Mr. King seconded by Mrs. McKelvey to appoint Jane Core-Thomas to replace Larry Lance for a 2 year term. Motion Carried. Yeas: 4 Nays 0.

A MOTION was made by Mrs. McKelvey seconded by Mr. M. Hostetler to adjourn at 9:15 PM. Motion Carried.

Submitted story

Submitted by the village of West Liberty.

Submitted by the village of West Liberty.