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The March 8 Huntsville Village Council meeting was called to order by Mayor William H. Jenkins with the following members answering roll call: Deb Anderson, Lori Fisher, Brenda Jenkins, Jean Cotterman and Robin Jenkins. Ben Frey was absent. The minutes of the last meeting were approved as read. Robin Jenkins made a motion to pay bills; Lori Fisher seconded the motion. All concurred on roll call. Visitors for the evening were Margaret Frazier, Tyler Toby, Gabe Wickline, Terry McClain and Brian Meadows.

Mayor Jenkins and the council received a letter of resignation from Ben Frey. He has purchased a house outside of the Village and regrets that he has to resign effective immediately. Anyone interested in the open Council seat should attend the next Council meeting on March 22, at 7:00 p.m.

Tyler Toby, Choice One Engineering, introduced himself to the council and handed out business cards and information to the council. Choice One Engineering deals with storm water, sanitary sewer, streetscape, grants and funding, etc.

Mayor Jenkins reminded all that residents vote at the McArthur Township Building, not at the Municipal Building.

We have had problems with residents parking on the sidewalks. All cars parked across sidewalks will be ticketed.

Village wide clean-up days were tentatively set up for the week of May 16th thru the 20th at noon.

Tim Jenkins, Street Superintendent, told Council that there has been a lot of household trash in the trash cans at the park. The trash cans are for park use only. Anyone caught throwing household items in the cans may be fined.

Tim also told Council that he received a letter from Oh Exchange Facilities Network via Fed-Ex stating that they would like to put a cell phone tower at Lions Park near the shelter house. Village Solicitor Matthew Chamberlain is looking into this matter.

Gabe Wickline, Terry McClain and Pastor Brian Meadows attended the Council meeting to request a petition for vacating of the alley behind the Methodist Church and also request an easement for encroachment of Second Street. There will be a hearing on the easement for encroachment at the beginning of the next Council meeting which will take place at the Municipal Building, March 22, at 7:00 p.m. The Church was built 9” into the right of way of Second Street. Anyone with questions or concerns needs to attend the hearing. The vacating of the alley will also be discussed at the next meeting.

Clerk, Susan Yelton, asked the finance committee to meet prior to the next Council meeting to go over the permanent appropriations. The meeting will take place on March 22, at 6:30 p.m.

Street Superintendent, Tim Jenkins, asked the Councils permission to get both the Ferris mower and the Toro mower serviced and ready for summer mowing.

Brenda Jenkins adjourned the meeting.

Story submitted

Submitted by the village of Huntsville.

Submitted by the village of Huntsville.