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The Lakeview mayor called the March 7 village council meeting to order and led the council in the Pledge of Allegiance. The roll call was read and Mr. Barhorst and Mr. Hayman were absent from the roll. A motion was made by Dennis Harford to excuse Mr. Barhorst and Mr. Hayman and the motion was seconded by Frank Dietz. All voted yes and the motion passed.

The minutes of the last meeting were approved as written. A motion was made by Dennis Harford to pay the bills and seconded by Frank Dietz. All voted yes and the motion passed.

A motion was made by Jacqueline Shoffner to transfer $2,483.04 to the Elevated Tank Fund and $3,930.02 to the Water Treatment Plant Fund from the CIWA Fund for February balancing. Dennis Harford seconded the motion and all voted yes and the motion passed.

The fire chief was present and reported that Howell Rescue was here this week and serviced all the rescue equipment for the year. The Fire Chief also expressed a concern over one of the newest recruits resigning already after the Village had paid for all their medical testing. He would like to see a document drafted to have these new fire recruits sign when they first start that states if they do not intend to stay for a period of so many months, then the Village has the right to bill them for all services the Village has incurred getting them medically tested to be a fire fighter. The Chief intends to talk to other Fire Chiefs within Logan County to find out how they handle these situations and if there is a document already in use that other departments use, he will get a copy of it and get it to our Solicitor. Council agreed and gave him the authority to look into this matter and report back at the next meeting. The Chief also reported that all the fire grant information has been submitted to the grant writer.

Angel Payne of the Logan County Solid Waste Management District was present to answer all questions about the plan update. She explained the Board that governs the Waste District has approved this plan update as well as the Logan County Commissioners and now she needs more than half of the rest of the villages to approve the plan. It will then go to the Ohio EPA to be approved. Each plan is for fifteen years and must be approved every five years. After much discussion, council approved the plan update and passed Resolution 2016-02 to adopt the plan update. Frank Dietz moved a motion to pass this Resolution and Dennis Harford seconded the motion. All Council members voted yes and the plan was approved.

The Village Administrator then passed out some AMP reports and explained a course that AMP is sponsoring. He also announced that colors have been chosen for the new fire house and it will be red and white. He asked Council when they would like to have the ground breaking ceremony and it was decided to have it on March 18th, 2016, at 2:30 p.m. He also explained that the awnings that were originally quoted were to be fabric but it has been decided that they should be metal and he will be getting a change order ready to make that change. The approximate cost of the metal awnings were just shy of $20,000.00. This is the only major change there will be. The awnings were quoted in one of the three alternates with the original bid. A motion was made by Dennis Harford to make the change in the awnings from fabric to metal and Frank Dietz seconded the motion. All voted and the motion passed.

Jacqueline Shoffner reported that the Lakeview Business Group met for the first time this year and they are working on a gateway sign and banners to be placed in the downtown area of Lakeview. Attachments will be needed to the light poles and the Village Administrator stated that these were quite expensive. She also reported that the conference she attended for new council members was very informative and she felt the time was well spent. The accident that occurred where one of our street lights was damaged was discussed and the fiscal officer was instructed to get the sheriff’s department report and send a bill to the driver for the repairs of the light.

Dennis Harford and Frank Dietz informed Council that they will not be able to attend the next meeting on March 21st.

The Fiscal Officer informed Council of five zoning permits that the Zoning Officer had issued. She then presented to Council a quote on a new folder/inserter machine that will be needed when the Utility Department moves to the new 8 ½ x 11 billing. She presented them three quotes from different companies and recommended the quote from Donnellon McCarthy at a price of $9000.00. She then informed Council that the Village of Russell’s Point is looking at purchasing the same machine and she proposed to Council to split the cost of the machine and share it. After much discussion, Council agreed with the proposal. Frank Dietz made a motion to enter into an agreement with the Village of Russells Point to purchase the inserter/folder for a purchase price of $9,000.00 to be split between the two villages from Donnellon McCarthy. Dennis Harford seconded the motion. All voted yes and the motion passed. The fiscal officer will let the Solicitor know that the agreement should be drafted for signatures at the next meeting.

The Mayor then had the third and final reading of Ordinance 2015-16 adopting the Ohio Basic Code. A motion to pass Ordinance 2015-15 was made by Dennis Harford and seconded by Jacqueline Shoffner. All voted yes and the motion passed for the third reading.

The Mayor then read the Proclamation making September the National Prostate Cancer Awareness Month from Linda Hoetger. All Council signed the proclamation and the Fiscal Officer was instructed to send a copy on to Linda Hoetger who originally requested it.

A motion was made to adjourn by Dennis Harford and seconded by Frank Dietz. All voted yes and the meeting adjourned.

The next meeting will be March 21st, 2016 at 7:30 p.m. in Council Chambers.

Submitted story

Submitted by the village of Lakeview.

Submitted by the village of Lakeview.