Boil water alert issued

The Logan County Health District advises everyone whose well may have been contaminated with floodwater to boil any drinking water for at least two minutes prior to use. If floodwater is higher than a well’s cap or if well water has a muddy color, then contamination should be suspected. Do not use possibly contaminated water for drinking, making ice, brushing teeth, bathing or food or formula preparation.

Free water testing of flooded wells is offered by the Logan County Health District. “Even if the water has lowered you must assume that your well is contaminated. Do not wait for testing to treat your well,” advises Environmental Health Director, Craig Kauffman. Any potentially flooded well should be treated with chlorine.

Instructions on how to do disinfect a well are available at:

A flood cleanup manual is also available at

For further info, call 937-651-6206.