Oakhill Medical Associates closing its doors

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After more than 50 years of continuous service to Logan and surrounding counties, Oakhill Medical Associates will be closing after business hours on Feb. 29.

Oakhill Medical Associates began as a vision of Dr. Paul Hooley and West Liberty businessmen. It was originally meant to be a two-person practice, but it became a medical center. On Aug. 5, 1965, Dr. Paul Hooley and Dr. Glen Miller opened the practice. They were joined by Dr Harry Graber in 1966 and Dr Donald Wyse in 1967. In 1971, Oakhill became one of the first medical practices to incorporate in Ohio. In 1973, Pediatrics and Internal Medicine were added. In 1977, Dr Harry Graber left Oakhill to pur-sue cardiology and later started Cardiology Associates, which is now the OSU Heart Center. In 1984, Oakhill was split into individual specialties, creating Oakhill Medical Associates, Madriver Internal Medicine and Bellefontaine Pediatrics.

In the 1980s, Oakhill expanded into Bellefontaine and East Liberty. Oakhill added its first fax machine in 1989 and computerized practice management in 1990. By 1994, the East Liberty office was closed and the Bellefontaine office was sold. In 1994, the current Oakhill Medical Center was remodeled and expanded. In 1997, respiratory therapy services were added. In 1999, diabetic teaching was started. In 1998, Dr Longenecker opened Madriver Family Practice, which was an OSU and Mary Rutan sponsored rural family practice residency. In 2012, the switch was made from paper charts to electronic health records. In 2015, Oakhill Medical Associates became a Diabetes NCQA recognized practice and a level 3 certified Patient Centered Medical Home.

Over the years, Oakhill has offered its physicians the option of taking a sabbatical from medical practice. These have been used to either further medical education or to pursue service opportunities, which have included mission experiences in Africa, Asia, Central America, the Caribbean and with the Indian Health Services. Oakhill physicians have also served as emergency room physicians, county health commissioners, hospice directors, nursing home directors, presidents of the Mary Rutan medical staff and board members of various medical bodies.

Dr. Roger Kauffman will be retiring from Oakhill Medical Associates on Feb. 29, 2016. He came to Logan County in 1980 and served his patients for nearly 36 years. He and his wife, Rachel, have raised 3 sons and now have 5 grandchildren. Dr Kauffman expresses great appreciation for his time at Oakhill and is looking forward to his retirement.

Dr. Ryan Kauffman left Oakhill Medical Associates in December of 2015 to start Hickory Medical Direct Primary Care at 208 W. Columbus Ave. in Bellefontaine. More information about Hickory Medical can be obtained at www.hickorydpc.com/.

On March 1, 2016, Dr Charles Kratz and Dr Kenneth Miller will be joining Community Health and Wellness Partners of Logan County. This practice is located in the Oakhill Medical Center building, which is where Drs Kratz and Miller have always cared for their patients. Drs Kratz and Miller look forward to providing continuing care for their patients in the same location.

Oakhill Medical Associates wishes to express gratitude to Logan and surrounding counties. It has been a true honor, privilege and pleasure to serve our patients. As each of the physicians transition, we hope that you will find your continued healthcare smooth and uninterrupted.

Roster of Oakhill Physicians over the years:

Paul Hooley 1965-1989

Glen Miller 1965-1984

Harry Graber 1966-1977

Don Wyse 1967-1988

Jim Steiner 1970-1979

Allen Stuckey 1973-1984

Grant Varian 1974-1984

Doug Beach 1975-1978

George Horst 1975-1980

Roger Kauffman 1980-2016

Don Ebersole 1980-1994

Steve Hooley 1980-1983

Eileen Kasten 1981-1984

Dave Eubanks 1982-1993

Randy Longenecker 1982-1998

Ken Miller 1988-2016

Arland Esch 1989-1998

Bonnie Edwards 1994-1996

Chuck Kratz 1996-2016

John Wenger 1998-2006

Ryan Kauffman 2006-2015

Submitted story

Submitted by Oakhill Medical Associates.

Submitted by Oakhill Medical Associates.