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The Lakeview Mayor called the Feb. 1 village council meeting to order and led Council in the Pledge of Allegiance. The roll call was read and Mr. Barhorst was absent from the roll. A motion was made by Frank Dietz to excuse Mr. Barhorst and the motion was seconded by Dennis Harford. All voted yes and the motion passed.

The minutes of the last meeting were approved as written. A motion was made by Frank Dietz to pay the bills and seconded by Jacqueline Shoffner. All voted yes and the motion passed.

A motion to transfer $2,483.04 into the Elevated Tank Fund and $3,326.80 into the Water Treatment Plant Fund from the CIWA fund for January balancing was made by Frank Dietz and seconded by Jacqueline Shoffner. All voted yes and the motion passed.

The Fire Chief was present and reported that Channel 7 news made a report on the state of the EMS building and erroneously reported it as the “Indian Lake Fire and EMS” building. He asked that they be contacted to issue a corrected statement taking the “Fire” out of it since it is not associated with the Lakeview Fire Department in any way. Pat said he had already attempted to contact them for a correction.

Deputy Don Day was present and presented the Sheriff’s Departments annual call log for the Village and Township and answered any questions Council had.

Solicitor Connor Kinsey was present and had nothing for Council.

Under Committee Reports, the Audit and Finance Committee met and reviewed the three proposals that the fiscal officer obtained for the financing of the fire house. After much discussion, it is the Committee’s recommendation to go with Osgood Bank for financing the building of the new fire house for a ten year term at a fixed rate of 3.49 percent. Frank Dietz made a motion to finance the fire house with Osgood Bank at a fixed rate of 3.49 percent for 10 years and Dennis Harford seconded the motion. All voted yes and the motion passed. The Fiscal Officer was directed to contact the bank to move ahead with the closing as soon as possible.

Village Administrator Pat Parish was present and passed out to all council members a summary from the AMP meeting. He then reported that he had met with Engineer Mike Heintz and the two contractors with the lowest bids for the fire house. After looking over both proposals, it is the recommendation from Heintz Engineering that Council award the bid to Robinson Building Solutions out of Bellefontaine for a base price of $759,900. Mr. Heintz was present at the meeting and reported the contractor had good references and they had traveled over to Benjamin Logan Schools where this contractor is working and viewed his work first hand and found everything to be in line. There will be a Supervisor on the site at all times during construction which will be Chris Lowe and the tentative schedule to start work with weather permitting will be mid-March and a target completion date of Oct. 21 with a final construction date of Nov. 3, 2016. There will be liquidated damages assessed each day after Nov. 3, 2016. Mr. Heintz recommended Council go with all three alternates that Robinson Building Solutions submitted with their base bid stating he felt the driveway to U.S. Route 33 should be asphault since 33 sits so much higher than the building site. He also stated that the gravel may be needed to prepare the site for construction to start depending on the weather. After discussion and questions from Council, a motion was made by Terry Brentlinger and seconded by John Hayman to award the bid to Robinson Building Solutions at a base price of $759,900 with Alternate #1 pricing to be $61,900; Alternate #2 pricing to be $40,660; and Alternate #3 pricing to be $14,500. All members voted yes and the motion passed.

The Fire Chief then asked Council if there would be project signage and a ground breaking and Council agreed that there would be a ground breaking scheduled when we get closer to the date of commencement. A meeting has been scheduled with the Engineer and the contractor and the Village Administrator and the Fire Chief for Friday, Feb. 5 at 12:30 p.m. to get all paperwork signed and get the building ordered and submit the plans to the State of Ohio for approval. Weather permitting, a target date for construction to start is March 17.

The Village Administrator then informed Council that two bids were received for the Engineering position for the CDBG storm project. One was from Jones and Henry at a bid of $35,000 and one from Heintz Engineering at a bid of $22,000. It is his recommendation that the CDBG storm engineering project be awarded to Mike Heintz of Heintz Engineering. Dennis Harford made a motion to hire Mike Heintz of Heintz Engineering and Frank Dietz seconded the motion. All voted yes and the motion passed. The Village’s portion of this project cost will be $30,000 and the project is hoping to be completed by Sept. 17, 2016.

The Fiscal Officer reported the property closings went well on Jan. 22, 2016, and that has now been completed. She also reported that the Conditional Use Permit issued to Jason Duff for the storage buildings on North Main Street was located and passed on to Community Storage so no further action was needed on that. She reported to Council that all year end reports have been filed with the proper agencies and explained the new income tax form that will be filled out by all new customers in the utility department. She then reported that she had discovered that eight parcels of land that the Village owns had never had exemption forms filled out and filed. She got all the needed information on each parcel and filled out the forms and filed them in triplicate with the Logan County Auditor who filed them and submitted them onto the State Department of Taxation for processing. The Fiscal Officer reported that the Village will be able to recoup the full real estate taxes that have been paid on each parcel for the last five years with the exception of any assessments but that the state is running very slow in issuing refund checks so it may be a year or more before we are able to re-coup our monies. She also reported that she is working with CMI, the utility software company, on getting a new program installed that will allow the utility billing to be done on a full sheet of paper and will do away with the post cards that have been currently used. She reported that CMI should have this module ready to be installed by June at a price of $4,719. Discussion was then held and she answered all questions and explained that the bill cards are not working anymore. There have been many of them returned to the utility office completely destroyed by the post office and is causing the Village to have duplicate mailing costs for months now.

Jacqueline Shoffner then asked about the burnt garage and if any progress was made on getting it taken down. Pat will look into it.

The Mayor then asked if there were any questions on the Committee Assignments for fiscal year 2016 and if not, they would stand as is. There were no questions. The Mayor then had the first reading of Ordinance 2015-16 adopting the Ohio Basic Code since all volumes had now been delivered to the Village. A motion to pass Ordinance 2015-15 was made by Dennis Harford and seconded by Jacqueline Shoffner. All voted yes and the motion passed for the first reading.

The Mayor then gave an update on the EMS meeting he attended and reported that the contractor is to fence in the whole construction site. He also reported to Council that he would be in favor of all entities that make up the EMS Board backing their loan for the building. A short discussion was had and two members voiced their opposition to the idea. It was tabled.

A motion was made to adjourn by Terry Brentlinger and seconded by Jacqueline Shoffner. All voted yes and the meeting adjourned.

The next meeting will be Feb. 16, 2016 at 7:30 p.m. in Council Chambers due to the holiday falling on the regularly scheduled meeting date of Feb. 15, 2016.

Submitted Story

Submitted by the village of Lakeview.

Submitted by the village of Lakeview.