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The Lakeview mayor called the Jan. 19 village council meeting to order. Connor Kinsey swore in council member John Hayman for a new term. The mayor then led council in the Pledge of Allegiance. The roll call was read and Mr. Barhorst and Mr. Brentlinger were absent from the roll. A motion was made by Dennis Harford to excuse both gentlemen and the motion was seconded by Frank Dietz. All voted yes and the motion passed.

The minutes of the last meeting were approved as written. A motion was made by Frank Dietz to pay the bills and seconded by Dennis Harford. All voted yes and the motion passed.

The fire chief was present and asked permission from council to add Cynthia Defibaugh as an associate member and fire department chaplain. She is the wife of Dan Defibaugh and has the education needed to serve the department as Chaplain. Chief Spring noted the department needs to have a Chaplain in house for any crisis that may arise. Council agreed and a motion to add Cynthia Defibaugh on as an associate member/Chaplain at no pay was made by Dennis Harford and seconded by Jacqueline Shoffner. All voted yes and the motion passed. The Fire Chief also reported that the grant for the grass run truck has been filed and submitted as well as the state fire marshal grant has been submitted.

Village Administrator Pat Parish was present and reported that he had ordered two new vehicles for the village, which had been discussed a few months back. He also passed out copies of the recent fire house bid opening results from the engineer. This coming Thursday, Pat and Mike Heinz will be interviewing the two lowest bidders. The Engineer will then present his recommendation to Council on February 1, 2016. The bids were discussed as well as the alternate items which Pat explained were extra items that we may need but does not include the building. The base bid is the building itself. He also reported he will be meeting with AMP on Wednesday afternoon. He reported that the grant for the drainage has been fully approved and the next step is to hire the engineer.

Connor Kinsey was present and discussed the fiscal officer’s question as to whether one of the tax bills for a village-owned parcel of ground should be paid. He will look into whether a DTE23 Real Property Tax Exemption form can be filed so the Village does not have to pay the tax.

The Mayor then handed out the new Committee Assignments for fiscal year 2016 and noted that Council should look over the committees each have been assigned to and if questions, please let him know before the next meeting.

Jacqueline Shoffner reported a street light is out at the corner of Center and South Oak Street.

Dennis Harford inquired about the progress being made on extending the Village Corporation limits right of way and Pat said he is working on getting the property owner’s to sign off.

The Fiscal Officer asked if Council then wished to join the International League of Cities and Council said no. She also asked if any new council member would like to register for the Ohio Municipal League’s training for new Council members to be held in Dublin on Saturday, February 27th and read the agenda that would be covered. Both Mr. Hayman and Mrs. Shoffner said they would like to attend so the Fiscal Officer will get them registered for the class. The Fiscal Officer then discussed an old zoning issue that came up for the Jason Duff property on North Main Street and after much discussion, it was decided to pull the old zoning permits in the records storage area and see if a permit could be found and we would then go from there. She then read an invitation the Village received from The Indian Lake Area Chamber of Commerce for the annual Legislative Luncheon to be held on February 12th, 2016, at 11:30 a.m. at the Light House in Russell’s Point.

The Mayor then gave an update on the progress for closing on the two village-owned properties that will be sold. A closing date may be set as soon as Friday, January 22nd. The Solicitor asked the Mayor to contact the church Board to discuss closing costs.

The Mayor then read Resolution 2016-01 authorizing the Mayor to sign all documentation needed at closing for the two properties that were sold at public auction. Frank Dietz made a motion to authorize the Mayor to sign the documents and Jacqueline Shoffner seconded the motion. All voted yes and the motion passed.

The Mayor then gave his State of the Village address.

A motion was made to adjourn by Dennis Harford and seconded by Frank Dietz. All voted yes and the meeting adjourned.

The next meeting will be February 1st, 2016 at 7:30 p.m. in Council Chambers.

Submitted story

Submitted by the village of Lakeview.

Submitted by the village of Lakeview.