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The Jan. 12 Huntsville Village Council meeting was called to order by Mayor William H. Jenkins with all members answering roll call. The minutes of the last meeting were approved as read. Robin Jenkins made a motion to pay bills. Brenda Jenkins seconded the motion. All concurred on roll call. Visitors for the evening were Margaret Frazier, Brian Frinfrock, Ball Association and Doug Chamberlain.

Prior to the meeting Judge Douglas Chamberlain gave the Oath of Office to Brenda Jenkins and Robin Jenkins, new council members. He also gave the Oath of Office to Mayor William H. Jenkins.

The mayor appointed Lori Fisher, Deb Anderson and Robin Jenkins to the finance committee and Ben Frey, Jean Cotterman and Brenda Jenkins to the street committee for the year of 2016.

The council members elected Deb Anderson as president of council.

Mayor Jenkins told council one of the items on this year’s agenda will be catch basins.

He said that our streets are in pretty good shape except maybe Neal Street. We will have the new ball park and the property auction when we obtain the property from the Indian Lake Board of Education. He also told Council that the USDA of Rural Development has grants available. He would like to check into these for fire equipment and a few other items the Village is in need of. He would like to see a clean-up of junk and garbage that is cluttering up the Village.

Mayor Jenkins told Council that the responsibility of cleaning off the sidewalks fall on the property owner or renter.

The Mayor request the use of cell phones banned during Council meetings. If someone receives an emergency call he asks that they go into the hall so as not to interrupt the meeting.

He is still looking into permit parking for semi trucks at the park. He wants this taken care of this year. If you are a resident there will be no fee but if you live outside the Village he wants a monthly fee applied.

Mayor’s meeting on January 20th at the Municipal Building in Huntsville at 6:30 p.m.. The address is 6740 Wishart Street.

Brian Frinfrock was at the Council meeting representing the Huntsville Ball Association. He asked the Council for permission for the ball association to use the ball fields this year and asked if there were any concerns that needed addressed. Mayor Jenkins asked for a copy of signed liability waivers for each child playing ball to be on file at the Municipal Building for insurance purposes. The main concerns were parking during tournaments and trash that has to be picked up after ball games. He said he would work on these issues. The Mayor asked for a schedule of events and he said so far March 19th they were going to treat and maintain the fields. April 2nd is a rain date for the treat and maintaining of the fields. Unofficially April 30th has been set aside for opening day.

Matthew Chamberlain, Village Solicitor, took the floor next. He asked the Council members to pass Resolution 553 which is a resolution to enter into an agreement with the Board of Education for the school property. Robin Jenkins motioned to suspend the three reading rule and declare an emergency and Deb Anderson seconded the motion. All concurred on roll call. Next Lori Fisher motioned to accept Resolution 553 and Ben Frey seconded the motion. All concurred on roll call.

Next Mr. Chamberlain asked Council to pass Ordinance 780 which will amend Ordinance 778. Ordinance 778 is the Village’s Income Tax Ordinance which was passed on December 8th, 2015. Lori Fisher motioned to suspend the three reading rule and declare an emergency and Robin Jenkins seconded the motion. All concurred on roll call. Deb Anderson made a motion to accept Ordinance 780 and Jean Cotterman seconded the motion. All concurred on roll call.

Clerk, Susan Yelton, asked the Mayor to select two Council members to the Volunteer Fire Fighters’ Dependents Fund. He chose Ben Frey and Lori Fisher.

Lori Fisher told Council that she received a complaint from a Village resident who lives on St. Rt. 117. She was told that someone is parking a truck in front of their house and it makes it difficult to see when she is trying to exit her drive way. St. Rt. 117 is a very busy highway and she wanted to know what the Village could do about the truck blocking her view. Mayor Jenkins said he would contact Deputy Doug Mitchell to see what could be done about the situation.

Brenda Jenkins adjourned the meeting.

Submitted story

Submitted by the village of Huntsville.

Submitted by the village of Huntsville.