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The Village of Quincy Council met in regular session on January 5, 2016 at 7:30 p.m. This was the first meeting of 2016 and was started with review of old business.

It was noted that nothing new was heard regarding further action of Legacy Pipeline regarding the installation of natural gas in the Village of Quincy. The Council is looking forward to hearing more information during the first quarter of 2016 regarding this issue.

A letter has been received that the Village of Quincy no longer will have a Class 4 permit to have a compost site in the Village. Locks have been changed at the former site located at the end of New Street in the Village and depositing will no longer be permitted. The property is now just land owned by the Village of Quincy.

The 2015 year was then closed out.

John Hickman and Marilane Fry had been sworn in as the new members of Council at a special meeting of Council held December 30, 2015 to handle personnel issues. The Fiscal Officer, Sandra Ward, was rehired at the meeting after her resignation effective December 31, 2015 for P.E.R.S. reasons as well as the hiring of Solicitor Steve Fansler for a two year period.

John Hickman was then elected President of Council and then automatically was placed in the position of Mayor due to a vacancy in the Mayors position. Council chose to appoint Dan Robinson to the vacant Council seat and voted him as President of Council.

Mayor Hickman then resigned his seat and Dan Robinson, President of Council the moved back his prior position as Mayor. John Hickman was then sworn into the vacant Council seat and voted as the President of Council.

Temporary appropriations were presented and approved allowing for operation and payment of bills.

Mayor Robinson then ask that residents be reminded to keep vehicles locked when not in use. He stated that several break ins have been entered in the past few weeks and items stolen. These break ins are occurring in unlocked vehicles for the most part. The matter is under investigation.

A letter was presented from the Regional Income Tax Agency regarding delinquent accounts. As the income tax has been in effect for almost five years it was determined that further action to collect delinquent accounts will be taken. Council determined that everyone should be treated equally and pay the income tax.

A review of delinquent utility users was reviewed and a work order has been issued to shut off delinquent accounts as soon as possible.

John Hickman was appointed to Fireman’s Dependency Board and Charlie Morrison was appointed to represent the Village of Quincy on the Joint Sewer Board. Kirk Helmandollar is the Utility representative as Village Administrator. John Hickman will remain the extra for the Joint Sewer Board.

It was determined that meetings open to the public and will be held the first and third Tuesday of each month at 7:30 p.m. in Council Chambers located at 115 N. Miami Street in the Village of Quincy. The public is invited to all meetings. Any changes to this schedule will be advertised at least 24 hours prior to the changed meeting.

Submitted Story

Minutes were prepared and presented by Sandra Ward, Fiscal Officer, Village of Quincy.

Minutes were prepared and presented by Sandra Ward, Fiscal Officer, Village of Quincy.